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Wonderful Sunday

The Huz and Parakeet were out late on Saturday – especially for the Preg. A good friend of theirs had a little birthday party. Their was an Aloha theme and everyone got “leied”.  A good time with good food and good conversation.

So..they slept in on Sunday. They didn’t make it to church and in fact – they left the house only twice…both times to walk the Dog.

The Huz made blueberry pancakes and bacon.  The Parakeet wrote lots of Thank-You notes. The Huz organized their pictures on the computer. The Parakeet chatted on the phone.

They spent the whole day in the apt watching it alternate between sunshine and rain outside.

They chatted on the couch. They chatted at the dining room table.

They discussed the upcoming changes in their lives and where they would vacation next year and the weather and gossip and politics. They never turned on the television.

It was a Wonderful Sunday.


The Great Tele-Commute

The Parakeet has been fortunate enough to arrange  work-from-home situation with her job. She is transitioning this change so that when she leaves work to have the baby – she will be almost entirely working from home. Then, after a little maternity leave – she will continue to work from home and go into the office one day a week.

So, with the Trading Office work coming home AND Arbonne – the home Office has become very important to her.  The “room” in the new apt designated for all these tasks is a sun room off the living room. Three walls have windows. Super beautiful. Not so super for storage. So…the Huz, with all his gifts, made some shelves for the Keet yesterday that fit under the windows – think cubbies like at an elementary school. The Parakeet is working today to fit two cabinets worth of stuff into these cubbies in an organized and somewhat attractive way.  They painted the shelves the same color as the wall – when they are all situated and the Parakeet is a working woman from home, all set up – she’ll give you some pics. Why does every evening lately seemed filled with this apartment and getting settled? ahh….


Well…they may not be quite to the much talked-about Nesting phase. But they did get the nursery painted on Sunday.

SOOO Fun. Their good friend Brig mixed paint specifically to match the bedding the Parakeet agonized over choosing for months. She loves decorating projects (as most of you know) and the first nursery – well that has to be just right.

So, Brig brought over three colors – and they used them all in a pretty fun way.

The Parakeet’s Mom will be in Chi-town next week to help put the rest of the nursery in place. Two painted walls are not quite enough for the Russell-to-be.

Getting Started….

still taping

can you see where this is going?

Willie Nillie

The Parakeet and the Huz had a wonderful weekend. It was great weather here in Chi-town. Finally. On Friday night, they put on their straw hats and boarded the Metra train north for an outdoor concert featuring the great Willie Nelson. They met a group of friends who had staked out a rather large section of lawn.  They added their snacks to the feast and sat down for a beautiful summer evening. The two Russells didn’t even know how much the whole outing was exactly what they needed. Good Friends, Good Food, GREAT music…

A super date for the super Preg. The Metra ride home was another story. Imagine hundreds of people mostly inebriated trying to get onto a train car – with not really any sort of line. Imagine they are also continuing to drink and half of them are carrying lawn chairs of coolers. Oh man…

The Huz had to throw down a little just to make sure that Preg (short and round) could get up the stairs without being squashed. They found seats and they hid under those adorable straw hats for the 90 min ride home. Strangely reminiscent of trying to get on a bus back to SMU from Deep Ellum after a Frat Party. Songs and Revelry till 1AM.

Willie Nelson

Willie and Texas – Represent!

Huge Strawberries

Biggest Strawberries Ever! And in the bottom there – that’s peach cornbread. Who thought of that? Yum!!

32 weeks of Baby

You asked for it – 32 weeks of Baby Belly. Woah, Mama.

MySpace Blogs – November 2007

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


well it wasn’t too too bad of a story choice. because the parakeet has a call back.

the parakeet also is getting real tired of mr. wellington (her boss who is not named mr. wellington anymore than she is named the parakeet).

he is making ridiculous demands and then taking care of them himself before she can even pick up the phone -making her look pretty idiotic.

“oh, hi parakeet, actually i just got off the phone with mr. wellington”

and he is continually giving instructions like, “call her about the thing

ok. right on it. not a problem.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

I never joined the WGA
Category: Writing and Poetry


The Parakeet never joined the WGA. She wasn’t invited. But what a huge bummer. The Office is shutting down for now. Funny show.

Good thing the Parakeet loves Tivo. If needs be, she’ll just have to watch re-runs.

Or read a book.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

enough already
Category: Life


where has the bird been?

even she’s not sure.  but things are changing.

she starts rehearsal on monday for a new play
woohoo. check out

she closed that super-hit super-power thing, The Sparrow, a couple weeks ago. Tear. It was time, but it was bittersweet for sure.

She met her nephew over Thanksgiving. Man, he’s cute. Like six weeks old cute. You get the idea. And when he sleeps he looks a little serious, furrowed brow – he is processing some deep stuff – leave him be.

And the Day Job has hit a soul-crushing LOW…so, The Parakeet started her own business and she’s real excited about it.

For info on that nugget of news, check out

more later, kids. She’s back……


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Category: Life


Well…the Parakeet is another year older. And So is the Huz. and so is there Birthday Extravaganza tradition.
This year the beverage of choice was a delicious whiskey punch.
The decorations were shiny and red and purple.
The food was all store-bought and arranged on pretty plates all over the apartment.
The Parakeet will be eating a lot of frozen pizza this week – Finally, she threw a bday party and had leftover. Mission accomplished. But she’s not sure how all that pizza will go with her resolution to get to working out again this week.

New show to start on Monday. Very Very exciting.



MySpace Blogs – October 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

who thought it would matter so much?
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In an interesting, actually mundane, turn of events – the Keet and the Huz no longer have cable. Their building manager (and former work colleague of the Huz) moved out of the building. He had wired the cable so they shared the service – and the bill. When he told the pair he was moving out, he explained that he’d be turning off the cable. Big fans of Iron Chef America, Human Weapon, Saving Grace, and other time-passing tv, the two were disappointed. They discussed their options, called cable providers, and decided – they’ve only had cable for ten months – they can live without it.
September First, like clockwork, no more Food or History or TBS – just fuzzy networks. They had Comcast install a line just so the networks come in good enough to Tivo and left it at that.

The big surprise: They don’t care one bit! They haven’t missed the cable. In fact, they are probably leaving the house a bit more with out it. Turns out the Keet’s dad was right all along* Cable does just make you watch more TV.

Cheers to the Major Networks – they are plenty!

*While the Keet and her sibs weren’t allowed cable growing up – the Empty Nesting ‘Rents now have direct TV, DVR, dish – the whole deal – I think there’s even a tv complete with DVD player in the kitchen – what??


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Schmold Gravy
Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

That huge three-story knock-off favorite on State Street is having a gigantimongous sale. The Parakeet left with four shirts for the Huz, a pair of pants, a cami, tunic, shirt for work, and a turtleneck all for less than seventy dollars. Check it out, yos. They are trying to get rid of all their fall clothes.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Nephew Time!
Category: Life


Well, yesterday – about 10:45 in the morning – the Keet’s brother and his wife had a baby boy!

He’s a healthy 8 lbs, 10 oz and 22 inches long. Big Baby – full head of hair.

His name is Wesley Paul Hoyer.

The Keet and Huz will meet him over Thanksgiving if all goes according to plan.

Wow! So Exciting!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cinco and ….Blessed.
Category: Romance and Relationships


Last Saturday was the anniversary or the Keet and Huz’s marriage. Number 5, actually.
The Huz picked up the bird after her show(s) on Saturday and they went for a drink at a pretty little Rush area Bar and then spent the night at The Palmer House downtown.
A comfortable, cozy room in a Gor-Geous Hotel that complimented the Roses and Champagne (supplied by the Huz) perfectly. They took a little time to remember the past five years and toast their future.
They ordered room service for breakfast and didn’t get dressed until after noon. Probably how every anniversary-after morning should go. Seriously.
Then, the Huz went home to walk the dog and the Keet did two more shows. But they got away. Even if for a little more than twelve hours – it was secluded and sweet.

Happy 5th!


Monday, October 29, 2007

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The Parakeet had an audition today for a short film. In time, not that everyone in it had to be short.
She was supposed to tell a story about herself in highschool, anything that might show where she was socially, or what high school was like for her.




High school was fun for her, seriously. It was a good time. Why no stories were coming to mind she wasn’t sure. She thought about explaining that she was such a nerd she worked at a movie theater. TRUE. And she was nerdier enough still to bring home all the aluminum cans the Theater refused to recycle and recycle them with her parent’s curbside pick-up. Also true.

She thought about trying to explain her level of involvement with the theater department. But no, “stories” came to mind. Except for directing a play with at-risk African American students for Black History month, and having to sneak one actor out of In-School Suspension (he hit a teacher) so that he could do the show for 400 elementary school kids. Not really about her and not really uplifting audition material. the end, she took the old “I peed on the football field as a middle-school cheerleader” and made herself a freshman.
They were laughing hysterically. Until she told them that she actually peed on the football field. They were disgusted. The rest of the interview was fine. She thinks. Or is trying not to think.
On her way out the door, one of the producers laughed and said, “Thanks for coming in Parakeet, The bathroom’s down the hall on the left.”

mbwahh bwahh bwahh haaa haaa.
good times.


oh man.



MySpace Blogs – September 2007

Thursday, September 06, 2007

sage advice
Category: Religion and Philosophy


Once a month, the Huz and the Parakeet, along with some other coupled friends serve the Homeless dinner in Lakeview. To be fair, they have done this three times now, but they are committed to once a month.

Tuesday night was the most recent of these dinners. One of the best parts of the night is sitting down and talking to the diners. The people, mostly men, mostly older, are very appreciative and happy to chat for a bit.

On Tuesday, the Parakeet received some interesting advice from an older gentleman with a very large nose and a black ski hat, “Now don’t go into the swamp at night,” he said, “There are alligators and other animals, not to mention the quicksand, if you go,” he continued while shaking his finger, “make sure to get a guide, it’s the only way. It’s very dangerous.”

He didn’t let her go until she promised not to visit the swamp at night. Words to live by, people. Words. To. Live. By.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Silly Train
Category: Romance and Relationships


Friday night, the Parakeet and the Huz had dinner with some friends they haven’t seen in a while. It was real fun. Then, they came back to the Russell house for some more talking and drinking. When everyone got tired, the other couple left. Then, the Parakeet’s rasberry vodka and Diet Dr Pepper kicked in. She jumped in front of the Huz, literally looking for some attention. He laughed and then said, “woah, let’s slow down the silly train.”  For the next fifteen minutes, inside, and then outside across the picnic table the Parakeet performed some dances that were to illustrate the Silly Train. The Huz did his best not to laugh, but finally cracked a smile as she was the caboose over the table.

Seriously – this silly train was some funny stuff.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Category: Life


So…the Huz and the Parakeet both have allergies. They feel LOTS better when they take the CVS version of Claratin-D. The Huz, in particular, takes this more days than he doesn’t. The Parakeet is very seasonal and takes lots more in Fall and Spring. Until she gets tired of having to drink 70,000 glasses of water a day and taking naps from 3PM to 3:30PM. Peculiar and very consistent side effects.

Today – they were out. The Huz was sniffling and whiny. By 3PM, the Parakeet was drippy and her eyes were watery. She went to CVS. They scanned her license (thank you, meth makers). And the woman looked at her with real concern, “I’m sorry. I can’t sell these to you. You’ve reached your limit.”

“my what?….okay.”

The Parakeet put her debit card back in her wallet, turned and left the store. Well, that was weird. And strangely………..embarassing.

She texted the Huz: [You’ve got to get the stuff. I’ve reached my limit]. Just to sound less suspicious if there’s ever a drug investigation.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007



Well, the nearly year-long battle with the old landlord will end today. You will be updated.


Monday, October 01, 2007



Well, the nearly year-long battle with the old landlord will end today. You will be updated.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Category: Romance and Relationships


very typical russell key type work debacle – parakeet overplans- this morning but moving forward – they should be off to WI in the next few minutes – traffic awaits and beyond the highways of suburbia – wilderness. oh yeah and some cute shops and harbors. yeah – weekend away before tech week…..

that’s right, has it not been mentioned, the parakeet is moving to the apollo next week. the apollo theater, that is, with the rest of the flock. check it out: sparrow



Wednesday, September 19, 2007

what is even happening?
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now there’s a commercial

check it out


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just walking
Category: Romance and Relationships


The Parakeet made it pretty clear that she wanted to visit Penninsula State Park while she was in Door County. She asked the Huz what he wanted to do. He asked her what she wanted to do. And she would answer, more than once, let’s do whatever you want – I just want to have time for the state park – a little hike.

So they poked around antique shops and salvage shops a good part of the day on Saturday and drove through the different harbor towns. It was a pretty, cool, autumnal day and it was nice.
On Sunday, they got up and went out to breakfast. The Huz was already developing a case of the cranks just knowing they had to drive back. Oh, Brother, enjoy the moment already!.
So, when they pulled into the state park (after stuffing themselves with a cinnamon roll and eggs and bacon and who knows what else), and the sign said it would $5 for the hour or $10 for the day, the Huz said, “Is there something else you want to do? I’m tired of spending money.”
The Parakeet paused and collected herself, “Something else outside. I want to be outside.”
He responded with ‘fine’ or something like that. She paid for their sticker. They drove around to a trail entrance and started the hike in silence. This is a war that often wages within the Parakeet – Should she enjoy  the fact they are doing what she wants and just not speak to each other? Should she make a big deal about how it isn’t fun if he’s not having fun? Or should she just say ‘we’re leaving! you ruined this for me!’
She opted for something close to option A, knowing that given some time in Nature, without people around, the Huz would calm down and eventually have a good time. And a hike shouldn’t really be filled with conversation anyway. They kept walking. Occasionally they passed others, two by two or on bikes, generally much older than the Keet and Huz. Mostly they listened to the chipmunks scurrying from their own crunching feet. Once they stopped and felt a tree because they could hear the woodpecker inside but not see him.  She wasn’t giving him the silent treatment. But she was.
About twenty-five minutes into their walk, the Huz reached over and took the Parakeet’s hand. She didn’t say anything and they walked the last twenty minutes like that – fingers entwined. That gesture carried so much meaning, “I’m not mad at you. I’m just anxious about leaving. I’m cranky. I’m sorry. You’re still who I want to be with right now.”
It’s a good thing she was listening and caught all of that in his grip, because lots of days she’s not. Her shoulders dropped. She relaxed. He relaxed. They listened to The Wreckers when they got back to the car and gazed at the coastline, the lake like an ocean throwing its waves at the trees.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


Today is the first doozie. The Parakeet is eating her kashi and blueberries in front of the computer at 5:45. She will start work at 7:20, then leave at 10:30 to make her 11AM call at the theater. They will work for a while, eat dinner, and then have a dress rehearsal. She will be released at 11. So…really, it’s a doozie. But she can do it. She can do it for a week. It’s gonna be great!


Monday, October 01, 2007



Well, the nearly year-long battle with the old landlord will end today. You will be updated.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Well, the Keet and Huz lost. The judge fined for the old Landlord. Now they owe more money. They drank some beer yesterday and watched some tv. It doesn’t feel like ‘justice’, but they are looking ahead. No use thinking about what they could have done differently. They were dealing with a stubborn liar. Take pictures of your apartments when you move in. Have the Landlord come by the day you move out. Lessons these two have learned the hard way.



little blessing
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


Sometimes the Parakeet goes into a room with strangers similar to her in age, gender, and income. Then she gives her opinion on something like….gum or quaker crisp chips or …blistex.
Seriously. Sometimes she sits on the focus groups, because when they are done she gets an envelope with cash inside. And the cash is money she wouldn’t have had if she didn’t sit around a table and give her opinion. Which, incidentally, the Parakeet really doesn’t have a problem doing most days anyway – cash or not.
Yesterday, she dutifully signed in ten minutes early for one of these ‘meetings’. She was expecting to talk about buying things online, specifically making hotel reservations. She read People (she’s pretty sad about this whole Owen Wilson situation) and Time (interesting two-month old article on addiction). Then, a women came into the room and called some names. None of those names were “the Parakeet”. Once all those people left, only the Parakeet and nice-looking, beginning to gray man were left. She said, “Thank you guys for showing up. We always over recruit just to make sure we have enough people. We’re going to give you your incentive and you can be on your way.”

Nice. Guess they didn’t need her opinion anyway.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Category: Travel and Places


Well, as hard as the Parakeet’s little office job is – seriously stressful somedays and full of email others —–it’s all good when the boss gives you the Door County condo for the weekend. The huz and keet take off tomorrow for a chilly weekend in northern wisconsin with wineries, cherries and no traffic.

yee-haw! CAN NOT WAIT.