New and Exciting

The Huz and Parakeet have been super fortunate to have lots of baby stuff passed down their way. Like furniture and a play yard. They anticipated having to buy lots of things, but so far so good. Parents – please don’t scare them and tell them there is so much more to purchase. They are enjoying feeling somewhat prepared at least for the first few weeks.  And it would make their new and exciting news much less exciting.

On Wednesday – one thing they did want to purchase – in part for the baby and in larger part for the Huz  – they bit the bullet and got a digital SLR camera. It’s fancy and pretty and, well, new and exciting.

And NOW the blog will be full up with pictures – the mundane and the momentous.

They leave tomorrow for a family vacation. Please send the Parakeet good vibes, as she is pretty sure she will be a swollen balloon flying from Chicago to Atlanta to Orlando. Maybe that means the Huz needs the good vibes since he will be wheeling her around and keeping her hydrated. What were they thinking? Oh yeah, seven days with no work, family, a beach and temps over 65. Seriously, Chicago, get it together. It’s June!! Ok, yesterday was warm. But even so…

Look forward to pics of the nephew, the bro in a fancy robe, and possibly a stylish maternity bathing suit (but don’t get your hopes up for the last one). Certain things don’t need to be documented for posterity.  Or from the posterior.



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