Rested and Relaxed.

Wow! Florida was so nice. The Keet and Huz were sad to leave. Usually, at the end of a trip there is the feeling that it will be nice to be back home in your own bed or back to the daily routine. Not this time. This time they were perfectly content to sit on the beach, watch cable, and laugh with the siblings. Oh well – all good things….

The week started off with a super touching ceremony where the Keet’s brother B was ordained and installed. The service was so great – it would be hard to explain. Suffice it to say, a good mix of tradition and emotion. The Huz and Keet were so proud of the new reverend in the family.

 3 Generations

The newest member of the family is “Big W” – the only grandchild and nephew in the clan (for a few more months anyway) and did “Big Dubs” get the attention this week! He’s the cutest. No one could put him down for a minute. Even though, that’s all he wanted – to crawl and explore and pull up on all the furniture he could. Oh – and at eight months old, he also loved the ocean and the pool. What a guy. He didn’t make it through the week without trying on Uncle Huz’s hat – check it out:

Cowboy Wes

As for the Keet in a maternity suit – well the world-wide-web may not be ready for ALL THAT KEET. But she enjoyed herself, one waddle at a time.


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