MySpace Blogs Feb 2006

Waking up Scared
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural


6:30 AM and the parakeet kicks the “mirror” awake.  She dreamed he took a chainsaw to someone’s hand.  She was screaming for him to stop but he did it anyway.  The mirror is amused and explains that he would never hurt anyone with a chainsaw.  Even though it sounds absurd out loud, the parakeet’s feathers are definitely ruffled. 

yikes, Dreams

Typical Behavior
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers



“Parakeets want to be with a flock. Then if you give your keet mirrors, the keet is obviously going to become fond of those mirrors.”

The parakeet chose what she thought was a very cute outfit for work today.  Video killed the Radio Star was playing loud and she danced in front of her full-length mirror.  This lasted for a while, posing, preening, checkin herself out…….and all of a sudden it’s 11:00 and she was nearly late for work.

Valentine’s Day
Category: Romance and Relationships

The parakeet is thankful today. For while there have been times that she’s been so lonely and unable to spend much time by herself without going to the mirror to make sure there’s another one out there like her, today is not one of those times.  Valentine’s Day is, to the cynics, a time for tackiness and sap.  For the lovers, those who are committed or even infatuated, Valentine’s is a time for celebration; a day set aside to say, “I love you.  I care about you. I choose you.”  The parakeet married the one who gave her that name more than three years ago. This was, in fact, their sixth Valentine’s Day together.  Her husband spoils and indulges her often, as good husbands do, and yesterday was no exception.  Because for the parakeet, and for any parakeet, time and attention are the greatest gifts.  While she should say it every day, on Valentine’s Day, the parakeet was sure to say, “I love you.  I choose you.” to her best friend, the one who keeps her away from the mirror if necessary, holds it up when that’s important, too, and who, on more than one occasion has put the blanket over her head to make her shut up and sleep. Happy Valentine’s Day to friends and family near and dear.  It is so nice not to brave this world alone.

Something new is happening
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities


The parakeet and her husband watched all two hours of American Idol on Wednesday.  They had discussions about each performance, decided which judges they agreed with. Why and Why not. The Parakeet, herself, even attempted to call in to vote!  Then, on Friday they looked online to see who was voted off. Let’s hope they don’t have a new habit. I mean, the American Idol…….


oh. no.


but P.S. ….so glad Mr. “Copa Cabana” is gone. I mean, puh-lease.

in an attempt not to let winter overtake her….
Category: Life


the parakeet has done the following today:

– had one cup of coffee and a redeye from Starbucks

-spent 45 minutes on an elliptical machine

-read two very interesting articles in a recent New Yorker concerning Mary Magdalene and homelessness, but not at the same time.

-looked for furniture she can’t afford on the internet, specifically a contemporary-looking, brown leather couch….anyone?

-worked on the preliminary plans for a vacation to a beach with two very dear girl friends

-practiced boxing moves with her husband.  yes, seriously.  and the left hook is coming along, thank you very much.

-practiced headstands with her husband.  yes, he did them too.

-turned on a “dance” internet radio station and moved continuously for at least 20 minutes to avoid a strange hormone-related crying spell

-looked for a great cake recipe, only to discover that she was out of eggs

-walked the dog twice down the deceptively sunny street

-took a hot bath just to warm up her toes

Yes, my friends, it has been one, long interesting Sunday. 


for him…
Category: Romance and Relationships


There are days when even the parakeet puts aside her selfish ways. She asks “What would you like to do? How would you like to spend the evening?” Yesterday was one of those days. So at 5:30 on a Monday night, she found herself on the floor of an unfinished room watching her husband and his friend work on a home-improvement endeavor.  It wasn’t entirely un-interesting and they made many efforts to include her.  The fact that the two men could maintain conversation while performing this kind of labor was a tribute to their craftsmenship, for sure.  She even held her foot on some boards to keep them in place.  When this project was as complete as it was going to be for the evening, the three of them walked a block to the local bar and had beer and ten-cent wings.  Every girl’s favorite snack. Not exactly, but definitely a favorite of many men.  The parakeet did finish a beer, at least, and a respectable amount of wings, although she did not go for the spicier variety.  They stayed for a while, talking and eating. And as the evening finished and the parakeet drove home, buzzed hubby in tow, she realized she had actually had a very good time. That, as is rumored, a sports bar really could be a good way to unwind and catch up with friends.  She knew this once, but had since forgone that option for things like hot baths and merlot and adventurous restaurants that served things like tapas and sushi.  It was nice to be reminded that ten-cent wings and two-dollar draft could do the trick in a pinch. It was nice to be reminded that a spontaneous beer after work was indeed relaxing.  It was nice to let her husband decide how the night was to be spent, and it was nice to see him so happy to have her company. 


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