My Space Blogs – April 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

she’s baaaaack
Category: Life


After time to process and regroup and all other sorts of healthy life-affirming words, the Parakeet is ready to re-join bloggishness or bloggitude.
The Huz lost his job and now has a new one beginning Monday. So, things will, as they say, be all right.
The circumstances surrounding previously mentioned event are sticky and uncomfortable (like most sticky things) so that is all that will be said. Good Times. Done and Done.

More exciting: The Huz and Parakeet are recovering their disgusting armchairs. Look, what kind of ambition four weeks at home gives you. One is nearly complete: the Parakeet must finish sewing the cushions and the Huz began ripping the second one apart today.

So fun. Bee-u-tea-ful fabric. When she figures out how, the bird will give you some pics.

Home Decorating and Do-It-Yourself-edness. They are getting older every year.


Monday, April 16, 2007

hours or at least minutes of entertaiment

word racer at yahoo games. yeesh. she’ll play you and she’ll win. Yeah, she will.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An Embarassing Jumble
Category: Games


Because of all the time, the Parakeet spends playing word racer – she now has a problem.

Yesterday as she was driving dowtown to give the Huz his social security card. You’re thinking “What a good wife. She didn’t make him come home on the el and then drive himself back downtown.” She is aware of what a good wife she is, don’t worry.

Anyway, while driving downtown she was following a vehicle with “Sportage” emblazoned across the back and for the next five minutes her brain did the following….


etc, etc, etc. This is like her pre-adolescent addiction to Tetris. This is very bad.


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Thank Goodness we landed on the Moon.
Category: Life


As previously mentioned, the Keet and Huz are recovering two armchairs. Well, the chairs are recovered. And they look really cool. One is a gold/yellow suede and the other is a muted sage. The cushions on the other hand have become more the bird’s responsibility. She stared at the instructions for how to put in a zipper for too long to mention here.

After conferring with the Huz, she decided to cheat the process. She stiched the right side of the fabric directly on to the zipper, no clean hem, who cares? it’s the back of the cushion. Well, the fun patterned, weavish fabric they picked for the cushions just pulled right away from the zipper all over the place when the put the foam back in. Ugh.

Then, the Keet did what she should have done from the very beginning. She called her mom. Her mom said, “Oh, zippers are hard. Just use velcro.”

Then a chorus of angels dropped down from the heavens and sang in four part harmony. It was beautiful.

The Huz and Keet watched Law & Order re-runs last night and ripped out the zipper panels of both cushions. Then the bird took miles of velcro and just stuck it to the fabric. Just peeled off the backing paper and stuck it right on. Then she put the foam back into the cushions and velcroed those suckers shut. It actually looks quite nice.

Woohoo. Two cushions down and two to go! Maybe this afternoon….

The next project is a dog bed. And that will have to happen soon ’cause these chairs are now officially too pretty and clean for even the likes of Percy.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Category: Romance and Relationships


The Huz started his new job this week. It is on Damen and they live on Damen. It’s just about 46 blocks south of them (about). So, the Parakeet has urged him to take the bus. Won’t it be nice to not deal with traffic? Won’t it be nice to just listen to your ipod and read? Won’t it be nice to not spend $40 a week filling up the car and won’t it be nice to do your part to use less energy?
He relented. Knowing she had made many good arguments, although waiting on officially the least reliable bus in the city did not appeal to him.
On Tuesday, he took the bus without consequence. It was fine, he said.
This morning he wanted to get in half an hour early at eight o’clock. So he went to the bus stop at seven. The Parakeet was already at work. At seven-forty, her cell phone rings. It is the Huz.
“Do you have the car key? Tell me you do not.”
Her stomach lurched.
She dug through teh front pocket of her purse. There it was flaming hot and extremely heavy in her hand.
“I do have it.”
“Damn it.”
“Take a cab.”
“I waited forty minutes on the bus, so I came home to get the car, I am already going to be very late.”
“I am so sorry. It is totally my fault. Take a cab.”
“Ok. I’ll talk to you later.”
Ouch. She feels awful. It’s a simple mistake. But he is suffering the consequences. Yikes. Let’s hope he wasn’t too late on only day three of his new job. Let’s hope they believe the ‘My wife is a moron’ excuse.
For starters, the Parakeet is going to copy the key on her way home. She is contemplating making a tasty dinner or something as  well….



Monday, April 23, 2007

personal triumph
Category: Sports


Yesterday the Keet made her 12 mile run. She battled a migraine in the morning and did not get to the Lake to begin until 3:45. But she did it. There were times when she turned her back to the wind, because the gravel getting blown stung. She also stopped just trying to catch her breath more than once. But she did it. She slowed down since the 10 mile from solid 11 minutes miles to more like 11.5. But all of this is still good, since when she ran the marathon in 2003, she finished with something like 12.5 minutes miles. A more in shape Parakeet is a good thing. Her knees also seem to be cooperating, although about 4 of her ten toes are blistered.

Two weeks till the big race. Wish her luck!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oh yeah and….
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities


Vince Vaughn was in her neighborhood last night. Just being tall and himself walking down Leland past The Perfect Cup where she was meeting a friend for a writing date….

Yeah, Vince Vaughn.

He’s another reason you can’t park on Damen this week: some movie is being filmed in Winnemac Park. Go figure.


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The Pleasures of Living in this Great Windy City
Category: Automotive


The Parakeet often parks three or more blocks from her home. Especially after a play.

The Parakeet lives seven miles from work and it takes her nearly an hour to get there and an hour to get home.

Wha? But she can walk to CVS and the Golden Nugget…so what else can you ask for ???

Thursday, April 26, 2007

how long?
Category: Life


She woke up cold. The rain was beating on the window and the covers were all with the Huz. She reached for them in a panic and snuggled up to his body. Warmer than hers, of course.
The cold. How long will it go on? Sunday was so pleasant. It brought on near nostalgia to be frank. Nostalgia for only a year ago. Or maybe for Florida and for youth.
Nonetheless, today, on Thursday she woke up cold. Thursday, April 26th – her sister’s birthday! Happy Birthday Sis! What a big week you have – turning 24 and graduating college ….with a Masters degree! Just taking some time to brag. Smart Sister.
This afternoon the Parakeet might clean the house. She might finally sew that last chair cushion or she might go a visit a friend and do aerobics. Seriously.
But she will not sadly walk by the lake or run outdoors or have a barbecue. These things, my friends, are out of the question.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Category: Friends


The Keet and the Huz have been taking advantage of her time without a play immensely. They are catching up with friends, doing things…it’s novel and really fun.

This weekend they will be dining at an Ethiopian restaurant with a friend from the Parakeet’s highschool who is in town. Then, Saturday they are driving up to Holland, Michigan to see a friend’s show he directed at Hope.

Maybe Sunday they’ll be back in time for another bbq. It is that season. The season of Russell BBQ and Bocce. Or at least they are begging for it to be that season, praying to the Lord and Creator: enough rain, enough cold: WE want Bocce!

What? Anyway…let’s all hang out. There is no play for a while.


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