My Space Blogs – August 2007

Thursday, August 02, 2007

not so young
Category: Life

The Parkeet went to bed at 2 last night. The alarm went off at 5:30. The Huz hit snooze for her until 6 when she got up and went to work. By 1, her eyes were closing. That wasn’t sleep you whippersnappers – That was a nap!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

is it wrong?
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities


Is it wrong that the Huz and Parakeet watched season 2 of Weeds in just two sittings – one for each disc? One of those sittings began at midnight on Saturday….it’s got cliffhangers, that show, cliffhangers.


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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summer Squeeze
Category: Life


The Parakeet feels the summer nearing its end. The date is August. The air is cooler. She will probably go back into rehearsals soon. So the lazy relaxing attitude she had the past three months is slipping away and she is feeling this urge to compulsively list all that must be experienced. She is having to desperately try not to force all of these hopes on the Huz. Especially at once, because that would drive him crazy….
So for you, friends, what it would be really cool to still do this summer:
-go to the beach again.
-picnic somewhere
-catch a movie in the park (without locking yourself out of the apt)
-see the sculptures in Garfield Park
-go to Ravinia (why have they never made it in four years?)
-see a movie (you wouldn’t believe how hard it gets to do this once there are rehearsals and shows – oh wait lots of you would )



Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

For the first day in about eleven, the Parakeet left work on time!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Category: Life


The Parakeet was walking through downtown this morning to get to work – around 7AM. Some of the begging or homeless are already out – there are lots of commuters making their way to the office – a fresh audience.

Walking East on Madison from the Metra station, the Parakeet witnesses a new musical request for change. A man, not much older than her, if at all, wearing a rolled-up flannel shirt exposing the tattoos on his left arm, is playing a washboard and singing about the girl he loves. The box at his feet, designated for the pedestrian’s donations held a cardboard sign with the following etched in black sharpie, “Student Loans are a Bitch”.

The Parakeet smiled, a rare thing at that time of day on her way in to work, she smiled because she thought – what if he really has a regular old job and he plays music on the street to pay off his student loans? Hilarious.

And, hey….not a bad idea. The Parakeet’s got, oh, about $10,000 to go. Any requests?


Saturday, August 25, 2007

oh and also
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


Those of you living under rocks or just not talking to the Parakeet very often may not know that she played Helen Keller for a large percentage of her short adult life. Let’s see –she did the one-woman school touring show for thirteen months total. She also played Helen in The Miracle Worker for a summer in Texas and Bejing. Well, for all of you who have teased her and given her the deaf, dumb, and blind jokes – please visit the old profile, because Paully wins! That video is hilarious. It’s not the Parakeet, but it’s darn funny.

A few months ago, the Parakeet and Huz visited a dear friend in Holland Michigan. There isn’t much out there and it was super dark. The Parakeet got out of bed to go to the bathroom well after midnight. The Huz woke up and said, “Can you find it? Should you turn on a light?”

In her tipsy and sleepy stupor she snapped, “I played Helen Keller for two years. I can find the damn toilet!”


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rain, rain go away

So, right after the Parakeet went ahead and put it out there – these things should really get done this summer – the Huz agreed to go visit the statues in Garfield Park. And then it rained. The whole weekend. They had a great weekend what with the take-out and the laundry and the thrift stores, BUT no picnics, no walks, no sunshine. Today better just clear on up. Just clear right on up. Because THERE IS FUN TO BE HAD. Dang it. And there is a certain bachelorette fun in the sun party tomorrow that won’t be possible if the heavens continue to cry.


Monday, August 27, 2007

Category: Parties and Nightlife


The worst thing about drinking too much for the Parakeet is the guilt. Hmmm… wonder where that comes from? It’s a morning mental battering of

-why don’t you have more self-control?
-wonder what you said that you shouldn’t have
-wonder how hard it was for the Huz to put you to bed?
-wonder how much you spilled on your friends
-wonder if they really need you at work

But really – it happens. right. And a cheeseburger, hot shower, and a few re-runs of Law & Order later – it’s all good.

Its. All. Good.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The P.O.C.
Category: Art and Photography



well – the subject for this post/story will be art. You, faithful readers, can decide.

Last night the Parakeet spent some of the beautiful day in Millenium Park attending on the city’s many free summer activities: Dancing in the Park. So fun! She was there to see a friend perform with the P.O.C.  Power of Cheer! People, this show was so ridiculous and fun. 
A few choice lines: When you are feeling Fat, Sad, or Lost remember the Power of Cheer!

and rely on your S.Q.U.A.D…..Super Qualified Understanding Athletic Divas.

The finale dance complete with silver poms would have brightened any one’s day. So, rumor is The Power of Cheer is a real non-profit group here in Chicago. Check this guy out – he is most certainly FABULOUS!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

weird…or not so much?
Category: Sports


The Parakeet went for a run on the lake front yesterday afternoon. It was a 3 mile run that felt like 6. Ugh. BUT as she was running her way back north to the car, she saw a bud-light truck parked near a bunch of construction. Pretty empty parking lot, so noticeable. But funnier still…the two men inside laughing their booties off drinking out of red plastic cups.

What is it about red plastic cups?  Do they make beer invisible or what? And how does EVERYONE know?





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