My Space Blogs – June 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


The Huz won an award last night. When the Parakeet got home from seeing a play, sometime after eleven – he walked to meet her at the station and then opened the door to a completely clean apartment! He is the greatest. Now the weekend will not involve cleaning. Always the sign of a good weekend.

They were both extremely tired. The Parakeet went around the house shutting off lights and such. The Huz set the alarm. She saw it happen.

So what a surprise it was to wake up at 7:03. A good half-hour after she should have left. AACk. Again – at least it’s been a few months. Too late to drive – wouldnt be good in traffic.

So, she got on the el. At 7:30, she called the office to walk one of the other clerks through the program that matches trades. The rest of the el car loved that, “Okay, now look down on the bottom, do you see a tab that says SnP detail, click on that, Ok now…go over to your left….what heading do you have?”

Surely it was obnoxious.

It did not escape the boss’ attention that the Keet was not in the office until about 7:55, but she had made sure the work was done.



Friday, June 08, 2007

like a bee
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


The Parakeet has been busy this week.
She reminds herself as she reads and primps before each audition that she is, in fact, living the dream.
Six auditions. That might be a new high for her. Six auditions this week – with another one next week.
Now whether or not she books something is a whole different blog.
First – she has to figure out this auditioning thing. She had some serious nervous issues a couple weeks ago that have gotten better lately. Thank goodness ’cause feeling nauseous before every audition is totally unacceptable. One can not function that way.
She would also like some new clothes because seriously – the clothes make the bird when you’ve got three minutes tops to show your stuff.
Last night she read for and with friends. Oh, so much easier. And yet they know her well- her habits, tendencies, what her first instincts will likely be. They will know if she isn’t doing her ‘best’.
On the other hand, yesterday afternoon she read some copy into a microphone. She had on no makeup. Her hair was in a ponytail and her feet were in flip-flops. That kind of audition. No, really, that kind of JOB she could get used to.


Sunday, June 10, 2007



The Huz and the Parakeet often buy store brands. They keep the CVS rewards card on their keychains. They don’t often “splurge”. BUT they LOVE the Kleenex Viva Paper Towel. This paper towel is so absorbent and strong that when some other paper towel sneaks into their house, the Huz flies into a fit. Especially if he’s trying to clean the bathroom.

The Viva paper towel can hold food. Lots of food. The Parakeet has held fried pieces of yummy in the towel while the oil drips through. Tonight it was chicken. But, Seriously. It’s like buying a roll of cloth.

The Viva showed new strength today, though. The Huz is devoted to the laundry, nearly as much as the Viva towels. He takes responsibility for the clothes getting washed, folded, and put away. This usually happens while the Parakeet goes to the grocery store. The Huz is hardly EVER in a grocery store.

Today, the Parakeet came home from the grocery store and the Huz was putting away piles of neatly folded clothes. He was eager to tell her though – that a Viva had made it through the washer and dryer intact! He found it in a pocket of his pants IN THE DRYER. He unwadded the towel and – yes, my friends, not one tear.



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


The Jeff citations were June 11th. The Parakeet borrowed a little blue number from boutique Minton and paired it with a sparkly headband from that cute little store CVS, you know the one – on the corner of Lawrence and Damen. Darling. The Huz looked absolutely dashing in his suit and tie. Quite a pair.

It was really a fun evening. Something made the bird think of High School Drama Club and their awards banquet at Ruth Chris more than once but in a good way. Seriously.

The past year has been an exciting one for the Parakeet theatrically. She has gotten to do work with friends new and old that simultaneously challenged and encouraged her. Who knew it was possible? No, she’s not that cynical about art yet, please. If you know her at all, you know she’s much more a “make lemons” kind of girl.

So, The Sparrow really cleaned up and her most beloved Hatfield & McCoy took one home as well. Electronic Baby wasn’t eligible or you know there would have been some of that action, too. Wink. Wink.

People are a big priority for the Parakeet; her friends and family. The people she works with. Taking care and showing compassion to everybody is something she really strives to achieve. So, after four years in Chicago, she is more than honored to have TWO Jeff Citations for Ensemble. Because it recognizes the inherent collaborative nature of theater. Those awards recognize working together. And working together is something for which we could all raise a drink.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


The Parakeet turned down a callback because she didn’t want to do a play where she had to talk about some yucky stuff. And it was suppose to be funny. And it isn’t funny to her; the raunch mixed with the blaspheme. Some people are upset. Some people don’t understand. Apparently, she wasn’t professional enough about her decision. Live and Learn. So as much as she doesn’t want to do a play like that, she also doesn’t like people being mad at her.  It doesn’t feel nice.

Oh, this f*ing business!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Category: Life


The Parakeet had a truly nostalgic-ish summer morning on Sunday. While the children of Illinois use every moment of summer to soak up the sun, her memories are more of the air-conditioned variety. Since her summers were mostly in Central Florida, she thinks lots of movies and monopoly.  The bike rides are reserved for Fall. There are exceptions of course, because not one day off school went by without a trip to the Y pool or the neighbor’s pool and by highschool – thier own pool! But back to Sunday….

The Parakeet woke up close to 8AM and just felt great; happy. So she got up. She made herself some strawberries and cool whip for breakfast. Then she watched some TV on cable and played a few video games before showering and getting ready for church.

Oh yeah, and she jumped on the bed.

It was the joy of summer, baby – all in two hours on a Sunday: desert for breakfast, cable, video games….how great is it to be an adult?


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

if you sit at the computer….
Category: Web, HTML, Tech

The Parakeet found a new website she’s enjoying. The site is called and you can read the classics. You choose a book and it is sent to your e-mail address in daily installments (at the time you select). She is reading Ethan Frome currently. Nice way to start a morning. The installments are short so it can take a long time to finish a book, but you might finally read Tale of Two Cities that way…….


Thursday, June 28, 2007

and she’s back…
Category: Life


The Parakeet spent the past week with her family in Florida! Her sister is a married woman now and there’s a new brother-in-law in the Herd. The Hoyer herd. Which is now the Hoyer Russell Schott herd. Oh and they gained a Winkles a couple years back, but she went with Hoyer so it’s a lose-two-gain-one game right now. Little bro will have to convince his bride-to-be to take his name so the score is even, otherwise the Parakeet and her sister will win! What? That makes no sense. Names aren’t points. Or are they? And little bro does not have a bride-to-be so please do not misinterpret. He gained the nickname Kegstand this weekend. Which actually didn’t have anything to do with him performing that particular college party feat. Because he didn’t. At least not on the parent’s patio. He’s just President of a Fraternity and since the three siblings before him avoided the Greek system –they just can’t seem to let it go. The jokes never stop. He’s been the Presdient for nearly two years. It might have been hard to grow up the youngest in a family of four (as far as teasing is concerned). But it might be even harder to return home the youngest; realizing anew that all of your older sibs haven’t matured beyond calling you poop and interrupting everything you say with a laugh. “Oh, poops, whatever are you talking about!”

Good thing the Parakeet’s the oldest. Seriously. Good. Thing.


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