My Space Blogs – March 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


Ok, After three days on the floor near the pit, the Parakeet is more ready than ever to take the weekend getaway. Hopefully she’ll get out of work somewhat on time today. She has been lucky so far. On Wednesday when she stayed until market close she bee-lined it to a voice lesson and was only 10 min late at the least. And Yesterday, when they needed her to stay till market close, she needed to be in an office around a table with seven other women in a similar age, economic and consumer-minded demographic to discuss chocolate and gum – together.  And they let her leave just in time to make it. Thank goodness, because that was worth 100 smackers. And the Parakeet likes her some smacks. What? Ok.

Ok, so hopefully today she’ll get off the floor, upstairs, pay some bills, finish payroll, and make it home before three. Possible? yes. Likely? It’s hard to say.

Good money this week, though, kids. Money can be made on a downturn. Don’t forget it.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Category: Travel and Places

The Keet and the Huz were able to spend three nights in Galena this weekend. It was so relaxing. So when the Keet got yelled at this morning by her boss; somewhat justifiable and somewhat not – she let some of it roll, but it was extra disappointing. ‘Cause wouldn’t it be better to be sitting in front of a fire drinking wine with six of her closest friends? Yes, yes it would.


Thursday, March 08, 2007



The Keet went to Ohio yesterday. She’s not usually such a traveler but two plane flights and two el rides and two one and a half hour car trips later – she’s home. And tonight she sees a play. She doesn’t do one. She sees one. How fun.

p.s. Dayton is kind of lame.


Friday, March 09, 2007

wanted to add pictures
Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping


The Parakeet spent her Thanksgiving in Tennessee. After much cajoling, she finally agreed to shop with her mother-in-law at a store called Hammers. It is hard to describe Hammers. It is sort of like a one-store only version of TJMaxx or Marshalls but with even cheaper clothes and lots more defects…Like maybe the sleeve is sewn shut or the button holes are not really holes. The logos are often not in the right place, that kind of thing. But admist the garbage, there are surely bargains. Which is why the in-laws LOVE Hammers. Look forward to going there once a year. In more attempts to please the mother-in-law she even tried on a sequined-ish top that tied under the boobs and had a fur collar. She did not leave the store with it.

What they did agree on and she took home were a great pair or boots. They are purple and plaid. They end just above the ankle. They are very Parakeet. Last night, the Parakeet wore these shoes to see a play. She has a purple purse you know and a purple shirt and well, she was in a pleasant purple mood. She was waiting in the lobby of the theater when she mentioned to the Huz that the heel of her right shoe felt wobbly.

He looked down and said “It came off. Your heel”. She was totally dismayed. And giggly.

She picked up the heel to reveal her now very strange looking purple and plaid foot.

Losing a heel is a weird thing. Because the shoe does not become a flat. Instead your foot is permanently pointed. You can walk with one foot always up on its toe and avoid a totally obvious limp or you can sort of walk on the back of your heel and the ball of your feet with your toes curled up and hobble. It is a strange sensation.

The funniest part about witnessing the Parakeet deal with her handicap was the sound. She is a heavy walker. Her boots clip clip along the floor. Last night she clip silence clip silence clip.

It amused her to no end. She would glance down at her foot and immediately get the giggles. The Huz finally gave her a calm down motion saying “Easy”. When she looked at him angrily, he stated “It’s okay to laugh, but you’re on the verge of hysterical and we can’t really deal with that right now”

Fine. Next week, she will find a cobbler.


Monday, March 12, 2007

waiting for……..
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities


The Parakeet has had United 93 at home for a month. She wants to see it. Seriously. But cant seem to get herself to load it into the DVD player….

maybe this week?


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

batteries included
Category: Romance and Relationships


The Huz and Parakeet went on a date Sunday night. A great way to end the weekend before she goes back into the theatre this week. They had gift certificates from Christmas and went to one of their favorite spots; Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba.
After waiting nearly an hour for a table, they had their order all picked out. Torro, much tapas, and a bottle of wine.
They sat at a banquette next to each other. Which was romantic and very cozy and no one had to get bumped by the bustling crowd.
Only once did the Huz say, “Hey, I’m starting to feel crowded here”
“You are? Why?”
“I think it’s because you keep leaning on me.”
“Oh, sorry.”
The Parakeet also kept tasting things, then grabbing the Huz’ thigh and saying “Mmm, that is SO good!” He indulged her excitement. Well, he felt the same way, he just didn’t see the need for constant exclamation.

After that wine, the Huz drove home. The Parakeet asked to be dropped off at home while he began the ritual of looking for a parking spot in Ravenswood. She went upstairs, used the bathroom, and went into the living room to turn on the tv. She bent down to press the button (the remote works for everything else, people) and froze. She hung there, bent at the waist.
Not certain how long she was in that position, the Huz walked in the front door to see her bent in front of the tv.
“Did you run out of juice?”
“I’ll wind you back up”
The Huz proceeded to make a winding motion on the Parakeet’s back until she stood up straight and said, “Woo, thank you. I needed that”

The evening then continued. Sometimes we all just need a little wind-up. Especially after a Feast. Yum, Feasts.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

OH!-Fish-Uhl or Is She Crazy?
Category: Sports


Well, the Parakeet weighs nearly ten pounds more than she did a year ago. Hmm.
She decided she neeed a goal. Again. It’s always extremes with this one. She wanted to run another race (it has been three years or more).
She found a half-marathon in May in the burbs. Three weeks ago, she laid out an eleven-week training program. The first week was fine. Week two had a lot of substituting and week Three went great. On Monday, with the temp in the mid-60s, she was able to get in an eight-mile run on the lakefront. Difficult but gorgeous.
Her knees are twenty years older than the rest of her body. Her hips are close as well, but it feels good all ready – to be accomplishing something. And she knows that race morning will be great. It will be a great way to start the summer.

So NOW that the eight-miler has been run, the Parakeet registered online for the Great Western Half Marathon in St. Charles. This morning. The money has been spent. The receipt has been printed. It is official. She is committed. Run, Birdie, Run


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


Sometimes the Parakeet shakes when she has to do her job.
Both of them. The jobs.
Yesterday that happened. At both of them. The Shaking.

The stock market is experiencing tremendous volume.
The Sparrow opens at the Steppenwolf Garage Friday night


Friday, March 23, 2007

Category: Life


Usually some real funny things happen to the Parakeet. Usually she has such a great sense of humor about it all that she shares it with the internet. Something not so funny happened at 8:15 on Monday morning. The Parakeet and the Huz are still reeling and trying to live in the present with an eye to the future. You will all be clued in. It’s emotional, and since she sees so many of you ‘in real life’, she’s not ready to talk – just yet. But know that the funny things this week have been hard to see, hard to write about, hard to acknowledge. The play is finally making her cry. Because it isn’t the play. Really.
Yesterday, though, they went to the zoo. And the giraffe helped her to smile. His eyes are so flirtatious. And for the first time in all their many visits to that Lincoln Park animal habitat, they saw the Black Rhino! He came out for about 30 seconds and went back inside. Now that’s pretty cool for a Thursday afternoon.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

oh dear birdies
Category: Pets and Animals


check it out

101 Dalmations, kind of …


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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping


The Parakeet went to the Salvation Army yesterday with a friend. They shopped hard-core. The Parakeet came home with loads of stuff for her and the Huz. Insta-wardrobe update for only $50.

It takes patience at the old Salvation Army, but so many times it is so worth it!

That’s the Salvation Army plug for the day. Check out North/Pulaski.

Good Times.


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