My Space Blogs – May 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Category: Automotive


The Parakeet works at the Chicago Board Options Exchange building -Lasalle and Van Buren (do not stalk her).
It is a popular place for cabs to wait for passengers. Close to the expressway. Facing West. Lots of people with lots of money for things like cabs, etc.
This morning, about twenty after seven, two cabs were waiting as she walked down the ‘el’ stairs.  Two, only. One, however couldn’t get back out into traffic and he was proceeding to ram the one in front of him, not hard and not always actually doing anything, but he would back up and get real close to the cab in front of him. Funny in itself.
BUT THEN, the driver leaned his head out the window and screamed at the cabbie in front of him, “Watch a movie. That’s what I’m gonna do to you!”

Ha. The Parakeet lauged out loud. What kind of movie was he talking about? It doesn’t even really matter it’s so ridiculous. Cab Drivers.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

wooden shoes
Category: Travel and Places


The Huz and Parakeet drove to Holland last weekend. Holland Michigan that is. Ha, gotcha.
There was finally nice weather and our gracious hosts took us on a boat and surprised Sara with an ‘h’ with a birthday cake. A glorious Sunday, indeed.
The college kids were lots of fun. The bird and her cohorts partied till the wee hours in the basement of some apartment where they paid $5 for a red cup to take to the keg. It was brewery beer after all.
Oh man – memories.
The Parakeet, however, spent a good portion of the night feeling old and married, dare we say matronly. She overheard the Huz talking to someone who was obviously at the party to take someone home, if you catch the drift. Finally he said, “Man, I don’t know. I don’t know these girls. All I know is that (he points) is my wife”.  The motor-cross-racing-monster-drinking kid sort of shuffled away.
The Parakeet then had to put on some serious stern “mother” looks to get a friend or two out from under the many hot-bodied twenty-one year olds who just couldn’t resist the Chicago Theatrical-hot-ness. Hilarious.  She was, however, thanked in the morning. So maybe there is something to the old marm tactics after all.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Category: Sports


The Parakeet ran a half-marathon on Sunday. Till the end. She was able to make her goal time and never had a point where she thought she couldn’t continue. This was amazing specifically because her 12 mile training run was an exercise in horrible and awful mixed with a bit of nausea.

So, in part due to the sunshine, wind, beautiful trees and homes out in St. Charles Fox River area…the Bird finished strong after two hours and twenty-three minutes (about 11 min miles). The race was smaller than any she had done before so there weren’t too many others as slow as her but she did not bring in the rear, literally, so that’s good. Her competitive nature allowed her to at least pass a few people during the last three miles.

After the race, the Huz and Parakeet partook in one of their favorite suburban adventures: Chili’s. Seriously, can you really beat it? No, really, can you?

Anyway, a thanks to some of the many who got her through on race day:

Modest Mouse
Railroad Earth
Carlos Santana
Regina Spektor
The White Stripes
Beck, more than once
Outkast (kicking in at the turn-around…she almost had to literally ‘shake it’)
Eminem (encouraging her to Lose Herself, of course)
Dixie Chicks (they were ready to run)
Ben Kweller
Andrew Bird
Counting Crows
Kelley McRae
Kelly Clarkson – give it a chance, people
and so many more…it was after all, more than two hours.

THANKS, Music – you’re pretty great!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

late to the game
Category: Games


The Parakeet is eating low-carb this week.

And she started sudoku.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a few wonders
Category: Life


1. is it always windier downtown than on the north side?

2. will it ever be possible to catch the 12:35 train home again or does the parakeet just work later now?

3. is procrastination something that might get better with age?

4. will there be a day when the answer to ‘would you like a beer with your pizza?’ is no?

5. is is possible to find a one-piece bathing suit that doesn’t make ‘one’ look like a twelve-year old?


just a few things to think about….


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

a pill of the chill variety
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


Something happens to the Parakeet at her day job when she doesn’t have a play. She starts to care. And think about getting things done on time and old files cleaned up. She needs some serious yoga. Really – it does not matter. Any of it. When she is working creatively, she tends to just get through the day job. She would like to believe the quality of her work is just as good. She just leaves the anxiety at the door. Must she have something to worry about? Is she one of those people?



Thursday, May 17, 2007

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes


This sun is really improving life for the Parakeet. The women of her apartment building informed that one of the window boxes on the garage is hers to plant, if she wishes. So, last Sunday the Parakeet walked her little tail feathers down to Sears, after consulting with mom and Grandma, and bought some geraniums and white foliage filler. She then came home and planted all five of the plants in one little box. It still looks kind of sparse, but she is confident they will fill out in a hurry. It has been ever so sunny.
She couldn’t help thinking with her knees in the grass and her hands in the dirt, ‘Is this what I do with myself when there is no theater to run to by 2PM? I plant plants? I spend time outdoors…with my husband and dog….and a summertime ale?’
Maybe this little break is just in time……


Friday, May 18, 2007

The Parakeet reccommends….
Category: Life


1. Neapolitan Hershey Kisses

2. The Office, American version, Season 2

3. Ras Deshan on Broadway

4. Tivo

5. Collaboraction Theatre’s The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow

6. Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

7. A cuddle on a sunny Saturday morning

8. Calling your mother

9. gmail

10. layering tank tops


12. the Tassimo machine


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Category: Travel and Places


In a somewhat impulsive decision, as impulsive as you can be when you own a dog, the Parakaeet and Huz decided to hike and camp last weekend. They left early Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. A quick trip that felt much longer than the 36 hours it might have been. Exactly what they needed.

They drove west out to Starved Rock State Park, a place that boasts 16 canyons. Who knew there were canyons in Illinois? Camping is something both the Keet and Huz enjoy, as is hiking, but while they have hiked together in many different states- somehow they had never camped together.

Saturday, late in the afternoon, they set up their tent in a cute little campground just across from the State Park. It was fairly bare bones and quiet. Just how they preferred to spend their evening. The Huz built a fire and they started to get their dinner ready. That is when the craziest family ever ended up at the site next to them.

You can not create funnier characters than this family. They showed up in a large red Dodge truck – covered so it looked more like a suburban and out they came…six children, one mother, and a a wheelchair. They proceeded to scream at each other for six hours until they fell asleep. Before that, though, they set up a ginormous tent with a seperate tiny tent, built two very dangerous fires, let the three-year-old run around with lighter fluid, and left to go get a barbecue grill.  The quote of the weekend for the Parakeet and Huz became “Go get my big lighter out of the Dollar General bag!”


The next morning, though, the Huz was up shortly after five. The sun was coming up and he started their fire for breakfast. It was quiet and peaceful. Crazy family was still asleep. The coffee was ready first and the Parakeet sat and stared at the flames. It was around 5:45 and she was mesmorized by the stillness and the orange in the fire when the craving hit her. The smells. The surroundings.

So at that ungodly hour she thought to herself, “I’m an adult. I can eat whatever whenever I want to.” And with that she roasted two marshmallows and made the most delicious breakfast smore.



Friday, May 25, 2007

twice bitten…
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes


The Parakeet is aware she has chosen a tough business. She has been seduced by the theatre over and over, though, and it doesn’t seem she will give up. Or move on. Or change her mind. Or try plan B. Or any of those other things that you might hear at eighteen when you announce you will be looking for a B.F.A. program. In Acting.

There are times, also, when reality feels heavy. For anyone, not just a theater artist, but particularly for an artist – sometimes reality just opens your car door and reminds you they needed a ride. The Parakeet does not remember offering reality her services. In fact, she knows specifically she asked imagination, hopes, AND dreams if they needed a lift. But Reality is in the passenger seat this week. And he’s not the most pleasant partner for a road trip.

Yeah, Reality is a he.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

an old favorite
Category: Sports


The Parakeet got back to the gym today. For the first time since the half-marathon. Yes three weeks ago at least. She has been running outside and there has been some hiking, but no real gym time.

Her visit brought up some of the same-old questions:

– Is a Victoria’s Secret push-up bra under a barely there tank-top really necessary for the stair machine?

– Is it possible to stand and take things in and out of a locker without showing your butt crack?

– Do no women ever remove free weights from the weight rack? Because that’s what it seems like when you stare like that.

– Could you install a button on the treadmill that speeds up time? Not how fast the belt moves – TIME? Thanks.


Thursday, May 31, 2007

Category: Writing and Poetry


Hello. The Parakeet would like to read this summer. More than she has in a while. Not magazines or plays. Actually preferably fiction only.

Send her some suggestions. Your favorite books from the past couple years.

She’s gonna make a list. You know how she likes those and then she will read the books and then she will cross them off.

Woohoo. Reading.


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