MySpace Blogs April 2006

Monday, April 03, 2006

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities


So, the Parakeet and the Huz received season one of a certain emmy-winning show a few weeks ago. They finally put Disc one in last Wednesday or Thursday night.  They can not stop watching.  The Parakeet is seriously nervous for when they finish the season. How will she wait for season 2 on DVD? How will sleep not knowing if Jack and Kate get together? Or if Hurley is going to tell people why he thinks everything’s his fault? 

What’s going on with ABC lately? I mean, Grey’s and Lost!  The Parakeet has NEVER anticipated a show or tried to make sure she was home for something on tv.  It’s a new feeling for her….a new feeling, people.

Here’s to the last disc of Season One.  Tension and Drama await. 



Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Category: Automotive


Like most Chicagoans, the Parakeet takes the ‘el’ to work five days a week.  She waits underground at her particular stop and most days has her nose in a book.  On Monday, she was going to sit down on a bench and open said book when she saw something in the corner of her eye – large and silver.

She looked down onto the ‘el’ tracks, and there amidst the soda cups and grimy dimes lay ….a Hubcap.  A Hubcap. 

Let’s pause for a moment and think about how in the world a hubcap would fall onto the ‘el’ tracks.  While the Parakeet has always considered the film commercials shown on the walls of the ‘el’ trip between Clark and Lake and Washington ironic because they depict automobiles, this was ridiculous.  The Parakeet paused for more than a moment considering the origin of the hubcap. All she could come up with though was maybe there was some guy who collected hubcaps in a big bag and dropped one while working on the tracks…and that story just isn’t interesting, creative, or even likely.



Wednesday, April 05, 2006

seen/heard at the Gym
Category: Sports



The Parakeet made her morning trip to the gym for Powerflex class and a brief time on the Elliptical. Below is some of what she saw/heard:

– a T-shirt that said “Butter Up…It’s time to shuck” with a picture of a woman in a mini skirt straddling an ear of corn

– a very attractive twenty-something blond woman wearing the t-shirt mentioned above

-too much of a skinny man in green biker shorts

-a tiny Indian man on the elliptical singing loudly to his Ipod…”You give, you give, you give yourself away….”

-the same man raising his hands up alternately as if praising the Lord or hailing a cab

-large naked butt cheeks spread out over a bench in the locker room.  why do they continue to surprise?

-three Madonna songs – the instructor chose to sing along off-key, enough to make the Parakeet drop her barbell from laughing

-her own groans as she struggled to finish the ‘lunge track’

ahh, Bally’s at Century City – it’s always an adventure.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

un-lock my door
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural


As the Parakeet ages she feels as though she is becoming more “artistic”.  A euphemism for flighty. She loses things, forgets appts, and on a certain important occasion did not set her clock forward….but anyway.

Her sister terms these embarassing and more-complicated-than-is-necessary times “Lucy” moments. These things are most certainly genetic, so the Parakeet has adopted the title as well.

She has a friend that she talks to every single day, often two times, and their voicemails back and forth often begin with “Are you ready for this Lucy moment?”

So with all that preamble, are you ready for this Lucy moment?

Yesterday, the Parakeet used the jump drive attached to her keys to send a resume to another company while at work. She has been keeping her eyes peeled and her ears open as we know.  Well, she left work and left the keys connected to the computer through a little USB port.  When she got to the Post Office about forty minutes later and went to open her box – no keys.

She called the Huz, who couldn’t really do much about it since he rode his bike to work, and he offered to pedal on home immediately. This is about a twenty-minute ride for him and the Parakeet had a fifteen-ish minute walk home from the Post Office box.  She was upset to leave the most recent netflix arrival in the PO box and she was sad that she couldn’t just get a latte and sit in the Starbucks waiting for a chaueffer to pick her up, but such is life.  The Parakeet and her gigantic hot pink gym bag headed toward home. 

She didn’t have to wait for too long when the Huz coasted into view.  Thank goodness this did not happen a month ago or she could have frozen.

They discussed later in the evening how to deal with the next day – should the Parakeet just leave in the morning with the Huz so the apt could be locked? Is there a spare key anywhere?

The Huz woke up this morning early, as usual. The Parakeet did not, as usual. She remembers, though, in her sleepy daze a man saying to her “I’m leaving you with my keys. I’m sure you’ll make it home before me”. The man kissed her forehead and pressed something into her palm.

After a confusing dream involving shopping with a card that bought everything for free wearing only a long-sleeved t-shirt and underwear, the Parakeet woke up tangled in her sheets with something pressing into her hand. She rolled over and there was jingling….House Keys, in her bed, how wonderful! 


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Category: Life


The Parakeet made a trip to the laundromat this morning. Usually the Huz does the laundry, but this weekend it didn’t work out that way, so she took their FIVE loads of laundry over to the laundromat.  How much laundry will there be when they start a family? This is much more efficient than hauling laundry up and down the stairs to their basement for four-five hours of the day. 

Another woman came in the same time as the Parakeet. She had two large laundry bags full of clothes and two small children at her heels. As she scrambled to load the washers quickly, the kids wanted to “help”.  The Parakeet watched in amusement as a boy, barely two, couldn’t pull a pair of jeans to the washer because they were too heavy.  His older sister was soon asked to take him away and watch him. The kids acted like they were at an amusement park. They were having so much fun; pushing the carts around, begging for quarters for toys that fall out of a machine, chasing each other, looking into dryers. That last one made the Parakeet a bit nervous as they could have both probably fit into a dryer together, but she resigned herself to the fact they were not hers to watch. 

When they calmed down relatively and mom was waiting for clothes to finish the wash cycle, the older daughter got restless. She said to her mom, “Would you remember me tomorrow?”  The mom replied “Yes”

“Would you remember me in a week?”

“Yes” the mom said, getting slightly testy.

“Would you remember me in a month?”

“Yes, honey, I will always remember you. I love you.  You’re my daughter”.

The girl grinned, after taking a sip of her strawberry soda, she looked up at her mom, “Knock, knock”

Mom answered dutifully “Who’s there?”

“You forgot me all ready!”  The girl was in stitches. Her pink stained lips were wide open with laughter. The mom rolled her eyes saying “oh, you tricked me.”

The Parakeet smiled and chuckled out loud. Kid Jokes. How do they just stay at one age bracket forever? Does every six-year-old say, “If you lvoe it, why don’t you marry it?” like the Parakeet did in the first grade. What jokes do you remember from being a kid? Or what joke has a kid told you lately?


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

voice over
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


Today the Parakeet spent a lot of time listening to voice over demos. She has the chance to make one next week, but doesn’t have, you know, a $1000 class under her belt. It was hilarious. Hilarious! Thank goodness she had a friend with her.  She listened to people she knew reading copy for cars and stores and vacations and lots of other silly stuff. Some people are reallllly good. Then, she and her friend tried typing copy as fast as they listened to it which was really funny in its own way. 

Not that zany of a story, but it’s what happened today nonetheless.

Maybe soon you will hear the Parakeet sing about the softer side of Sears.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Relax…..or something
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural


The Parakeet doesn’t do well with dreaming. It’s kind of general like that. It takes her a while to convince herself that it didn’t really happen. She has been known to wake up in tears or scream.  This goes way back and it’s just…how she is.

Friday and Saturday night, both, the Parakeet dreamed she was performing and she stunk out loud (as the Huz would say).  More specifically in the second dream, she was singing on stage (probably in the musical she was recently cast in) and the whole audience started laughing. It was not supposed to be funny and the audience consisted, of course, of all people she knew.  Friends.

Then, on Sunday night she dreamed that she got fired from her office job. Very specifically and suddenly.  AND on Monday, she dreamed she was extremely pregnant with no idea of how to handle it. This one got kind of creepy and surreal. Suffice it to say that the Parakeet kept saying that she never felt the baby kick and the Huz would remove the baby from her stomach, show her that the baby was fine, and place it back in her stomach.  She had lots of friends around her who were also pregnant. Really weird.

What the Parakeet has gathered from all of these memorable and specific anxiety-ridden dreams is that she needs to chill out or figure some stuff out in the daylight, because her mind is going crazy in her sleep.

The Parakeet doesn’t have lots and lots to do right now. She isn’t soooo busy.  This could be leading to the looking ahead, scary dreams.  General antsiness.  Next Friday, she leaves on a vacation with three girlfriends from college to hang out at the beach and see her parents.  It will be so nice to get away.  She loves Chicago’s Spring, but Florida has it ALL YEAR LONG.  Hopefully her sleep will be restful upon her return.


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Category: Life

Why can’t the Parakeet ever get up when the alarm goes off? Why?  The Huz has had to be at work by 6AM the past two days, so she doesn’t even hear him leave, which is her usual wake-up clue.  He very sweetly re-sets the alarm for seven, but the Parakeet (probably not very sweetly) always shuts it off and gets up close to 8:30.  Is it just being stubborn?  I mean, she gets plenty of sleep…….

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Category: Friends


Last night, the Parakeet and the Huz were lucky enough to be invited to a sader dinner.  They ate, prayed, laughed, drank and ate some more with dear friends and family of friends.  The Parakeet tried some foods she had never had and liked all of them (except, of course, horseradish, but she already knew that).

It was really a very special evening and the Russells felt privileged to be included.  The reading together of prayers, the family toasting, the stories of the Old Testament, singing at the table all reminded the Parakeet of so many things that are important to her.  The passing on of stories and rituals from generation to generation seems superficial, even trivial, to some.  And with today’s whiz-bang ever changing technology and fast-paced culture it’s hard to find the ‘time’ or ‘relevance’. 

But for the Parakeet, the traditions passed down to her by her parents and grandparents, the traditions developed within her family as a child are the ones that she hopes to one day pass on to her children. The value of faith and perseverance.  A sense of belonging and purpose. A feeling of community and safety. And such joy – with friends and family.

The Parakeet and the Huz rode home from Sader stuffed, completely full, and more than satiated. They were grateful for the twenty minutes on a bike, for sure.  Holidays are important.  They give us permission to pause and take stock, even for just an evening, of what really matters.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Category: Food and Restaurants


Most days the Parakeet cooks dinner for herself and the huz. All weeks the Parakeet does the grocery shopping. This is mostly because the grocery store sends the Huz into a rage. 

Seriously.  And who wants to deal with the Huz in a rage?  Have you met him? OK.

So, the Parakeet shops and cooks. The exception to this is breakfast.  Most weekends, the Huz will make eggs, sausage, biscuits.  Sometimes bacon, sometimes gravy, sometimes an omelette. The man has country breakfast figured out.  Perhaps it’s because he’s from Texas, perhaps it’s because his father is from Tennessee and makes gravy weekly.  Who knows? The point is the Russells like breakfast food and they regularly indulge. 

As a rule, the Parakeet does not go in the kitchen when the Huz is cooking. She gets in his way and she’s not awake enough to navigate around him.  She asks stupid questions and is a general nuisance. Luckily, she realized early in their marriage to just sit in the living room, enjoy her coffee, and let the breakfast come to her.

This morning the Huz made scrambled eggs, bacon, and home-made home fries.  Soooo goood.  The Parakeet turned to the Huz to tell him that the potatoes were so good. She said, “Do you just cut them up and fry them in olive oil?”

He smirked.  Uh-oh.

“No.” He said quietly.

“What?” the Parakeet said, curious.

“Bacon grease”

“What? You microwave the bacon and then pour the grease into the pan?”

“No.  I scoop it out of that jar I keep in the fridge.”

Please do not spend long imagining this.

“There is a jar of bacon grease in our fridge?”

“Yeah, I cook the eggs in it, too.”

“Hmm…” The Parakeet slowly set down her fork and swallowed resolutely.

How in the world did she marry someone who would make her breakfast? Why does he have to keep bacon grease in the fridge, and how far will she have to run today to make up for this? 



Monday, April 17, 2006

Chocolate Bag
Category: Food and Restaurants


Well, sorry it’s been a bit sappy for the Parakeet lately, but Easter is her favorite Holiday. Spring has good colors. Bunnies look good in home decorating. Who doesn’t like jelly beans and chocolate eggs? And the memories of childhood: trumpets and choirs and lilies. It’s just all so…pretty.

Yesterday lived up to all expectation. And the Parakeet is definitely known to put expectations on events. The Huz does a good job of keeping her in check, usually, but sometimes she is still disappointed.

The Parakeet made lots of food yesterday and some good friends came over for dinner after church. They sat down to a bona fide feast with everything from brie appetizers to a big old ham, yummy veggies and pineapple stuffing. 

The pinnacle of the meal, however, was at the end. A friend of the Huz and Parakeet had supplied desert. It was a secret known only to him. He retreated into the kitchen, asking only for a platter.  Hmmm….The other five waited in anticipation.

When he re-entered the dining room, it was nothing short of beautiful.  He had made three bags out of chocolate; one white and two semi-sweet. Yes, chocolate bags. They were filled with vanilla ice cream and strawberries which spilled out of the bags and onto the platter.

Very very impressive. And it tasted positively smashing with champagne.

Mom always said, “It’s all in the presentation”.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

trying to speak with good diction, trying…..
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


Thessssszzsse are the dayssssssssssss of our livessssssssssss

Ssssave on ssssssssomething ssssssssssssuper at SSsssearssss

This is apparently what the Parakeet sounds like. She had no idea until she was recording her voice into a super-duper expensive mic. 

AArgh. that darn ‘s’. Who’d have thought?


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

scream it.
Category: Life


The Parakeet was in a great mood today. Let’s not try to analyze why. Let’s just accept it. She spent the requisite amount of time choosing her outfit and ended up in her new Tommy embroidered jeans with high-heeled sandals (thank you, Spring), a very bright yellow t-shirt and a jumbo white sixties-style necklace.  We need this much detail only so we can imagine fully her situation.

She bounced her way down to work today on the blue line, feeling cheery and teetering only slightly in her woven wedges.  The Parakeet has been known, quite often actually, to sing on the ‘el’.  She made a promise to herself to join the “crazies” when necessary.  So…when a song pops into her head, she just sings it. Now, it’s not so loud as to be obnoxious, but she’s not lip-synching either.  She also has been to known to repeat everything the automated voice says….

“Door’s closing.”

“Door’s closing.”

“Doors open on the right at California.”

“Doors open on the right at California.”

While this is hilarious to her and she can hardly keep from laughing at herself, it has caused many to get up and find another seat. 

Today, though, the Parakeet reached new heights. When she got off at the Jackson stop to make a bank deposit before work, she had an urge to scream, just roar into the crowd of people waiting to get onto the train.  She marched out of the sliding doors and let out a “RAAAAAAAA”. 


It was just that. Not blood-curling and not scary. More like silly.

But people rolled their eyes and got out of the way, none the less.



Thursday, April 20, 2006

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping


The Parakeet lives with a man who has established a rule for their lives:  for each pair of shoes bought, one must be thrown away. 

This is not about the money spent on said shoes. This is about the Huz tripping over her shoes because she does not put them away and not having closet space for all of them. 

Do not feel bad for the Parakeet.  She has about twenty pairs of shoes.

Most of them need updating- terribly.  In preparation for vacation, which for the Parakeet begins tomorrow (cheers), she needed a new pair of shoes.

She was at old reliable this morning to pick up some other things and chose to check out the shoes.  She purchased a fabulous pair of brown sling-back heels.  Not quite sandals.  She also kind of wanted these and these, but was trying to be responsible.  Once in the car, she second-guessed this purchase over and over, but then a vision came to her of the shoes underneath dark denim, with short flirty skirts, even…dress pants. 

She informed the huz of her purchase and he reminded her of “the rule”.  She was quick to reassure him: there were some old brown-heeled-loafer type shoes that were out the door immediately.

She came home and tried on the shoes.  They are so great. Heels do wonders for a girl who is five feet nothing. Wonders. 

Why don’t you all buy a new pair of spring shoes this weekend. That would be fun.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Category: Sports


The Parakeet did not exercise for four days this week; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She was very busy and when she wasn’t she made excuses and rationalizations; like on Wednesday – she took a long walk.

So, yesterday, in an attempt to salvage the week –she went for a run. This was very exciting because she was able to do so in shorts and a T-shirt (yeah, Spring).  This morning, mostly for reasons of vanity, she also went for a run. She does after all leave for vacation tonight and will, most likely, wear a bikini for part or all of the next five days.  And since it’s been a while since that happened, just running gives the old ego/mental tricks a boost. 

But the run this monning was pathetic. It might have been that she started before 9AM. It might have been that she just didn’t feel like it, but every step was heavy.  The left knee was determined to twinge.  Her heart rate shot up immediately.  She wheezed and huffed past dogs and moms with strollers and men on cell phones holding large caffeinated bevarages.  Finally, she concluded the brief 20 min, 2 miles – filled with walk breaks, with a puff of the ol’ inhaler.  Sorry sweaty sight.

Let’s just hope it was a bad run and not a sign of the Spring fitness routine to come.




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