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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Category: Automotive


So…the Parakeet whizzed down Southport last night around 10:45 on her bicycle.  She doesn’t usually like Southport (even though it has a bike lane) because there are so many people who park in it, walk through the middle of the street, have huge SUVs, talk on cell phones, etc. It’s not an attentive crowd on Southport. Nonetheless, it is very well lit. 

She headed south at a nice clip ready to end her already long day –when in the distance a roller-blader came towards her. So, yes, he was on the wrong side of the street.  He was also admiring his fancy foot-work and also he was on his cell phone. She yelled ‘hey’.  He did nothing. She yelled “Hey” louder. Apparently not only did he not see her, he also did not realize that she would have to move into traffic to avoid his stupid butt.  He looked up, rolled his eyes and moved out of the way just before she drove a tire up his inconsiderate self. His look said, ‘you are obnoxious for riding a bike. I on the other hand can do whatever I want because I have roller blades.’  It was a look similar to those made by drivers of mercedes’ SUVs when they cut off a smaller, less expensive car.

It is during times of traffic congestion, be it on bike, foot or in a car that one understands where city attitudes come from. There are a lot of us who live here people, and we all have places to go.  Pay attention and, when necessary, get out of the way . 


Friday, June 02, 2006



The Parakeet called her own cell phone from the house this morning. There was no ring. She already had the dog on his leash.  She needed to walk him and leave for the gym within ten minutes. She also needed to make a phone call. Where is that stupid (and really fancy and expensive) phone?


She called her friend that she visited last night after 11PM. “Hey, just checking to see if I left my cell phone at your house last night…my number is, oh wait, call me at work or home….”ahhh.

She called her stage manager. Please let it not be at the very open and cluttered rehearsal space. “Hey, I think maybe I left my phone at rehearsal last night. Did you notice it at all?”

She started to call the Huz. Reluctantly, of course. They had already had one tense exchange on the phone this morning. He does not like to be disturbed at work.  Then….out of the corner of her eye…..

The phone, responsibly plugged into it’s charger, sat on the trunk under the window glittering in the morning sun.  Ah, phone. How nice it is to see that you are still turned on silent so as not to disturb actors rehearsing–or require that the Parakeet bring baked goods to rehearsal if you ring during a scene.  Ah, phone. It is so good to see you before the Huz was alerted and would tease and tease the Parakeet about her forgetfulness.

Apologetic calls to the friend and the stage manager came next. Then, the Parakeet, now twenty minutes late to a class at the gym, decided to just call it a Friday and sat at the computer instead of working out.  She changed out of her gym clothes and into work clothes having never broken a sweat.

There are worse things than taking a Friday off from exercise. Like say nuclear war and racism.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

riser, early
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


The Parakeet came into work early Monday, about eightish, to be greeted by bosses’ #1 and #2. 

She was presented with an opportunity — which she accepted. She will take on more responsibility. But she will also be paid more.

The clincher: She will be in at 7:30 every morning. Closer to 7 until she gets the hang of the computer programs she’s learning. Again, do not feel bad for her – she will be leaving at noon.

Have you seen the ‘keet in the morning? oh, yikes.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


The Parakeet took off work yesterday, because she had two auditions that were like four hours apart, and it seemed crazy to try to fit the job-job into the day. Consequently, she was able to take her sweet time preparing, drop in on the huz at work, and pick up a few things at the grocery store. She was also able to arrive at the auditions groomed and warmed up.  While neither of the auditions went fabulous, she did feel prepared.

She also laid down for thirty minutes before leaving for the evening’s rehearsal. Is this what life without a day job would be like?  Ahhhh.

Last year at this time, the Parakeet was in the sweltering East Texas heat rehearsing for three shows that would open the same weekend and run in rep.  She had no day job, but it was still a long day. 

It seems theater is just sooooo not a normal career.  There are always all these choices….choices, choices…..audition? don’t audition? take the job? go on a vacation? miss an audition? suggest a conflict?  do a great role for no money?  play a stupid idiot woman for lots of money? 

All careers have their minutae to be sure; their ethical dillemas.  Think of doctors, for heaven sake. Or teachers even. 

It’s just hard somedays not to feel like you’re on a treadmill as an artist. 

We’re running real fast, but where are we going?  Anyone?


Friday, June 09, 2006

mutterings in a dressing room
Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping


The Parakeet has ruined (stained or ripped) three pairs of pants in the past month or so. This has greatly reduced the number of presentable pants in her wardrobe. She has begun the shopping process. She is determined to find clothes that fit correctly and look good.

Ladies, you know that’s a ginormous task.

If you were with her in a few dressing rooms on Thursday, you might have heard the following.

–“come” (jump) “on” (jump) “just get over” (jump) ” the thighs”

–“whose crotch is this long? seriously. seriously”

–“could i get three more inches on my legs, please?  thanks.”

–“what? bleached finger prints on the inner thigh?”

–“sure, the mom jeans fit perfect.  great”

–“short. you call these pants short!”

–“I’m not fat. So, why do I look so fat?”

–“Are these pockets suppose to be below the cheeks?”

— “SCREW You, Levi!”


She left empty-handed. better luck next time.


Monday, June 12, 2006


The Parakeet spent 24 hours in a theater this weekend. She is sleepy.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You might be a red-neck if…..
Category: Romance and Relationships


The Huz is a fixer. He can fix things. Of all types. The door falls off it’s hinges. The speakers come unplugged. There are no cabinets in the kitchen.  The Huz fixes these problems.

BUT on Monday night, the Parakeet came home after eleven- quite tired -to be told the toilet was broken.  What??

Don’t worry. The Huz has fixed it. We flush our toilet with a string. A shoe-string, actually, if you can picture it.  The string is connected to something in the toilet and you pull up on it.

The Huz has assured her that it’s fine, and it’s like a $2 part from Home Depot, so there’s no need to call the landlord. The Huz will take care of it.



Sunday, June 18, 2006

Category: Writing and Poetry


from the June 5th New Yorker


You stand in the brook, mud smearing
your forearms, a bloodied mosquito on your brow,
your yellow T-shirt dampened to your chest
as the current flies between your legs,
amber, verdigris, unravelling
today’s story, last night’s travail…

You stare at the father beaver, eye to eye,
but he outstares you–you who trespass in his world,
who have, however, unwilling, yanked out his fort,
stick by tooth-gnarled, mud-clabbered stick,
though you whistle vespers to the wood thrush
and trace flame-flicker in the grain of yellow birch.

Death outpaces us.  Upended roots
of fallen trees still cling to moss-furred granite.
Lichen smolders on wood rot, fungus trails in wisps.
I wanted a day with cracks, to let the godlight in.
The forest is always a nocturne, but it gleams,
the birch tree tosses its change from palm to palm,

and we who unmake are ourselves unmade
if we know, if only we know
how to give ourselves in this untendered light.

-Rosanna Warren


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Happy Father’s Day
Category: Life


Some things the Parakeet’s father has said to her:

“You’re cruisin for a bruisn”

“I’ll give you something to cry about”

When the Parakeet complained that her sister had called her a b****, her father replied, “If the shoe fits….”

“It’s good for you” in response to about everything including, sweating, running, vegetables, liver, and a bad grade

“That song is no longer allowed in this house” The Parakeet and her bro sang the Crash Test Dummies’ Hmmm… one too many times.

“I didn’t even get braces. I pushed my teeth straight with a popsicle stick.”

“You are a loved child of God with so many gifts and talents. He has a plan for you, don’t worry.”

Thanks, Dad.

Share any great dad quotes you’ve got.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

riser, early
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


The Parakeet came into work early Monday, about eightish, to be greeted by bosses’ #1 and #2. 

She was presented with an opportunity — which she accepted. She will take on more responsibility. But she will also be paid more.

The clincher: She will be in at 7:30 every morning. Closer to 7 until she gets the hang of the computer programs she’s learning. Again, do not feel bad for her – she will be leaving at noon.

Have you seen the ‘keet in the morning? oh, yikes.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Electronic Baby Lessons
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


Things the Parakeet learned while working on a 60s feminist jive verse musical called “Electronic Baby”

1.  sometimes tighter clothes will make you look thinner

2.  the Keet can’t sing after Diet Coke. Stick to coffee

3.  being laughed at is sometimes better than silence

4.  good company can make a long day shorter – especially if you cancel a matinee

5.  ATC is really only a 20 minute bike ride from home, 15 if you huff it.

6. no one says ‘huff it’ but the keet’s dad

7.  nothing gets men to leave a co-ed dressing room like panties on the floor or talk of ‘that time of the month’

8.  it’s possible to spend a solid hour discussing what’s coming next on the netflix queue

9.  there is a neverending list of songs that can be sung during mike check.



Thursday, June 29, 2006

Category: Romance and Relationships


The Parakeet is still flushing the toilet with a shoe-string and had to inform two guests in the past couple of days how it operates.


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new infatuations
Category: Life


– Deadwood on DVD

– Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered peanut-butter filled pretzels

– Kwando Flex at Bally’s

– “my station” on yahoo music

– a certain pair of army green platform flip-flops

– Dove calming night body soap

Friday, June 30, 2006

Category: Life


The Parakeet sat, her head in her hands, staring at the screen. She knew something interesting had to have occured in the past 24 hours. While she went to work, taught some teenagers stage combat, and performed a show…none of it seemed amusing and definitely not thought-provoking.  The bird has been a bit busier the past month than the three leading up to it. She is a happier person and it’s been a good time. Unfortunately, it sometimes gives her a bit of writer’s block.

The parents get in to Chi-town on Monday and the preparations are underway. Namely: Let’s fix that toilet, already, lazy bones.








Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


The first weekend of April the Parakeet spent not even eight hours dressed as a high school prep student at St. Alphonsus school in Chicago.  She was part of a music video. The experience was tons of fun and directed by a great guy named Rich (check out his profile under friends).  Anyway….the mostly finished product is available to view with this link.  If you blink, you will not see the Parakeet, but that’s not really the point…it’s a good time and quite funny.  You will also need quick time.

Hope all is well. This post is going to be for “Friends Only”.


Summer it Up




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