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Monday, May 01, 2006

on the ‘el’
Category: Automotive


The Parakeet usually refrains from “that crazy on the el” stories. But this one was too funny.

The Parakeet went into work in the morning today. It has been very busy trying to get the new office settled, so she has been putting in a few extra hours; a subject for another entry.

She dressed quickly in one of the Huz’ least favorite ensembles: the knee-length long sleeve dress over jeans.  A little hippie -but cute with the brown danskos and hemp necklace. The wardrobe becomes important in just a minute.  At the last minute, she grabbed a teal cardigan because the office is cold and she remembered it being breezy when she walked the dog. The cardigan did not match the mostly navy dress.

She sat down on the somewhat-crowded el. She was riding earlier than usual and her primarily hispanic neighborhood was eager to participate in the march today.  The two girls next to her, African-American, were discussing how they had to go to work today and didn’t get excused for the protest because their families were ‘brought over’ over a hundred years ago.  They were actually being quite funny.

A young black man in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans so baggy that he tied the bottoms to his ankles with shoestrings stumbled past the Parakeet. He fell on her and proclaimed immediately “My Bad.  My Bad.”  He then began harassing the other women asking if they even knew their baby’s daddy. The girls handled themselves quite well, and as they left the train the man said “Bitch.  You know that? you a Bitch.”  All passengers on the train looked extremely uncomfortable. 

The Parakeet, however, in her usual bird-like ways checked herself in the window’s reflection.  When she looked back forward, the man said “You Look Good.”

“You really look good, you know where it’s at.  I like you people.  You caucasians got it all figured out. You girls look good. It’s where all the creativity and style is at these days.  The caucasians.”

The Parakeet smiled and mumbled ‘thanks’ while three middle-aged white women shot her terrible looks.

Then he said, “I mean when I see you caucasians looking so good, it’s like I can taste it. And it tastes good.”

He turned to the man next to him, who was uncomfortably white and late for work, “I mean it tastes good, right man?”

The man nodded hesitantly. 

Soon after that the young black guy left the car.

The Parakeet went back to her journal not sure if she should feel assaulted or complimented. 

Ah, the El.  You just never know…….


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Hot Stuf
Category: Food and Restaurants


The Parakeet is back from vaca.  It was so nice and so relaxing.  One evening the girls decided mexican food would go well with margaritas by the pool.  Are you jealous yet?

Anyway, the Parakeet went with her father to a local yummy mexican restaurant. This particular restaurant is super proud of their hot sauces.  They chose three to bring home including “Smack my sweet ass and call me Sally” and “Spank your mama”. 

The Parakeet sat in the passenger side of the car balancing food and said sauces on her lap.  She reached up to touch her eye and – Oh Man! Hot Sauce in the Eye!

She of course remained calm. Yeah, right.  Every blink brought fresh, new jalapeno, habenero pain.  Her father, through his laughter, said “lick a different finger. wet your eye.” 

You would think crying would be easy at a time like this, that the eye would immediately tear up.  But, no. The Parakeet just kept saying loudly in measured tones things like “Oh, Man.  Oh, Wow.  That really hurts.  Oh, Man.  There’s Salsa in my Eye!”  Her father was beside himself with laughter.

They had only about half a mile (if that) to get home, so she was able to stick her entire face under the faucet of the kitchen sink soon enough. But only the Parakeet – only at home with her dad – would be silly enough to put ‘smack my ass’ in her eyeball.



Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Returning Home or Lucy Moment .2
Category: Travel and Places


After returning from an estrogen-filled four day vaca to the beaches of Florida, the Huz was not home to greet the Parakeet.  He had to work in a little state called Virginia.

The Parakeet was lucky enough to get “bumped” from her originally scheduled flight and take a voucher to arrive only two hours later than first anticipated.  She was traveling with a dear friend. That dear friend’s boyfriend agreed to pick them up.  Even though it was 11:30 at night and he had to work the next morning. 

He threw their bags into his trunk.  He dutifully listened to their tales of adventure, and maybe only twenty minutes later pulled up to the Parakeet’s apartment building.  She opened her purse to take out her keys as he went to the rear of her car to get her bag.  No Keys.  That’s right – no keys. The Parakeet and her dear friend emptied her carry-on and her purse at least three times each (being careful not to lose the travel voucher of course).  No Keys.  Dear friend’s boyfriend took a flashlight to the Parakeet’s car to see if she left them there.  No Keys.

The Parakeet answered the routine questions:  where did you last see your keys? Are you sure you had them in Florida? Are you sure you had them on Friday?

Frankly, she didn’t know the answers to these questions because the keys were SUPPOSED to be in her purse.  She finally, defeated, asked to sleep at one of their homes and deal with the issue in the morning.  Dear Friend’s boyfriend has a spare room.  She took her tired, sunburned-self to his apartment and set the alarm on her cell phone for 5:30 in the AM. While the Parakeet does not do well with mornings, she needed to be at work by 7AM for the big move and boyfriend lives at the end of the brown line so she needed an hour to get to work.  She left the Huz a voicemail explaining her idiocy and asking when he planned to get back to Chicago. She promptly fell asleep.

She awoke to a thud the next morning and knew by the light through the window that it was not 5:30.  It was in fact, 6:30.  She threw on dirty jeans and a t-shirt and ran out the door.  She did her makeup on the el and arrived to work by 7:30 to see her co-workers already running in circles. They had so many questions for her that they didn’t even know what time it was.  Where’s the packing tape? What time are the movers coming?  Are we taking every monitor? Can you order lunch?


The Parakeet calmed each person down, made a quick Starbucks run, let all the traders go to the floor, and sat down at her desk to exhale.  A lighting bolt struck. She crawled under the desk to look at the back of her pc. Eureka! The keys were plugged into the usb port. Stupid Jump Drive!

Needless to say the Huz purchased a separate keychain for the Parakeet that will hold only the Jump Drive.  Fortunately that keychain is purple.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Category: Food and Restaurants

Springtime in Chicago.  The Huz came home from work yesterday (he bikes to work, you know dependency on foreign oil and all that) and looked pretty worn out.  The Parakeet had thawed some chicken thighs and was beginning to saute some spinach.  Things have been dangerously tight financially this week for these two. Like, let’s-hope-the-landlord-doesn’t-deposit-the-rent-check-right-away-tight.  Don’t start worrying about them. The Huz gets paid once a week. It’s never tight for long.  Well, yesterday he came home, with a paycheck.  They exchanged glances.  It was so beautiful outside.  The windows were open. They both looked tired and the Parakeet ended up not being called to rehearsal.  Almost wordlessly, the Parakeet put the chicken and spinach back into the fridge.  The Huz changed shirts and washed his hands. They put on their sunglasses and walked around the corner to El Cid.  They sat outside talking about their week over enchiladas, a burrito, fried plantains, a maragarita, and beer. It was yumsies. THAT is what spring (or summer for that matter) in Chicago is all about.

Monday, May 08, 2006

cycling adventures?
Category: Automotive


Biking in the city can be exhilirating and a bit dangerous.  It may have been mentioned before that the Huz bikes to work. He prefers the bike to the car in times of discouraging traffic and even more discouraging gas prices.  He encourages the Parakeet to bike whenever possible. She is beginning to embrace this. She enjoys biking. It just takes mucho concentration and assertiveness in the city. Neither of which she comes by naturally.

Anywho, she is currently rehearsing near Uptown/Wrigleyville – not the greatest commute CTA-wise from Logan Square and certainly not a fun place to try and park.  Enter the bicycle.

Last week the Parakeet biked the solid thirty minutes to rehearsal Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  On Tuesday, she took off her cardigan part-way through the ride because it was warm. She casually threw it around her bag and only a few short blocks later the sleeve was wrapped up in her gears causing a short break and a sort-of stupid-looking scene as she untangled the teal wool from her spokes.

The very next night she rode over the Diversey bridge going east. There is some work being done on that bridge and the Parakeet calmly rode over the yellow caution tape flapping in the breeze. The yellow caution tape not so calmly wrapped itself in the Parakeet’s gears and once again she created a sort-of stupid-looking scene on the side of the road ripping yellow tape from her back wheel.

It used to be said that the Parakeet was book-smart but had no common sense. Then, it was said she was just clumsy or didn’t pay attention.  All we can know to be true is that if the Huz had made these two exact same rides, there would have been no stopping.

Oh, and also he wouldn’t be caught dead in a teal cardigan. 


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

fun treats.
Category: Food and Restaurants


The Parakeet’s mother has been known to decide there will be a signature cocktail or drink of the day. She has celebrated Margarita Mondays and Woo-Woo Wednesdays.  She is also a fan of Happy Hour. This is not because she loves alcohol that much, it is because she loves the bonding and the social time that goes with it.  She enjoys having her husband mix up drinks for herself and her daughters or her sister or her friends.  She enjoys sending her youngest son into the kitchen to refill the glass.  In short, the Parakeet’s mother knows how to have a good time (complete with matching glasses and party lights on the patio). 

When the Parakeet and her college girlfriends retreated to her mother’s home a few weeks ago, they arrived to a welcome basket. The basket was filled with margarita and cosmo mix, vodka, tequila, various salty snacks and chocolates, and plastic glasses to take by the pool.  Now that is a Welcome!

The Huz doesn’t mind at all making a drink for the Parakeet. He, in fact, enjoys the truth that ten minutes after said drink she may actually take a few deep breaths and not be quite so high-strung and full of worry. She might be easy to talk to and fun to be around. This is not to perpetuate the social anxiety myths about alcohol. This is not to say that the Parakeet must have a drink to ‘be a good time’. On the contrary, she is the most fun on a double espresso and a few M&Ms.

The Huz and the Parakeet have had half a handle of vodka in their cabinet for nearly four months.  They forget about it. They don’t buy mixers. They drink beer. Whatever.  On Sunday, the Parakeet wandered through Trader Joe’s and saw on display Pink Lemonade.  An idea came to her with a flash.  She brought the pretty bottle home and asked the Huz to mix her up a drink for Grey’s Anatomy.  He obliged and brought it to her saying, “Did you know this was sparkling?”

No she didn’t. And what a fun surprise. This combination of vodka and sparkling Pink Lemonade over ice was delicious.  Delicious.  She had two or three and called it a splendid evening.  And the great thing is she couldn’t wait to call and tell her mother all about it.  They tasted so good and looked so pretty. You could just imagine it at a bridal shower.

“Mom, there’s a new mixer you have to try. It is simply divine.” 


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Category: Blogging


Once you have been tagged, you are to write a blog including 6 things you do that are weird, habitual, and/or an interesting fact about yourself. In the end you need to choose 6 more lucky people to be tagged and list their names. Then the obvious, which isnt obvious for some of us, leave a comment that tells those individuals they have been tagged in their comments section and tell them to read your blog.

Okay, well here goes, but in keeping with the birdie-style….

1. The Parakeet looks in the mirror ALOT.  This is part of why she has her name. If you are talking to the Parakeet on the phone, she is most likely watching herself talk to you.  She likes to think this is because she is an actress. More likely, she has huge vanity issues.

2.  The Parakeet often drives with her left leg up. This means she has her knee up to her chest and her foot on the seat.  This scares some and amuses others.  The Parakeet feels that if the left foot is not needed for the clutch, then it does not need to be on the ground.

3.  The Parakeet played violin for four years. She quit at age eight.

4.  The Parakeet has been known to fart on the ‘el’ if she doesn’t know anyone in her car. Try not to judge.

5.  One time the Parakeet pretended to be getting bad reception on her cell phone, “Hello?  Hello?” to hang up on a needy friend.  Oh, calm down it wasn’t you.

6.  The Parakeet did not have her own bedroom until she was a junior in college.  Then, she only had it for two years before getting married.  It may explain some things.

By the By I tag:  Megan, Ben, Jacob, Michelle, Nancy, and Megan (chups)


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diggin in
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


The Parakeet is picking up some new duties at the office.  Some of them are confusing. They involve lots of numbers and quick thinking.  What’s a theater major to do? 

Challenge, however, is a theme in the Parakeet’s life right now. It is time that she embrace it.  She is learning difficult music for her first musical in, oh, six years.  She will sing that music alone.  Challenge.  She and the Huz are part of a leadership team at church that is making some decisions about the next few months or so.  Challenge.  And, of course, learning how to fill future orders on a computer for traders – Challenge.

There you have it.  The Parakeet has always been one for growth and self-improvement. It fits right into her ‘perfectionist’ style. So here it comes, world:  A Freshly Challenged Parakeet. 

Monday, May 15, 2006

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


Well, the Parakeet thought she was handling her new schedule just fine.  But when she came home from rehearsal Sunday evening, she couldn’t make a single decision. She asked the Huz three times within ten minutes if he thought they should have dinner. He kept saying, “Do you want dinner?  I’m not hungry.”  Then, the Parakeet would start with, “Should I go to the store? I need to go the grocery store.”  She then paced into the living room, picked something up, put it away, and asked him the same questions.  The Huz looked at her with sympathy.

“Sit down.”


“Just sit down.”  The Huz made her a little snack and folded the laundry while she ate it.  He told her to go to the store and when she came home, he would make them dinner.  It all had to get done. The Parakeet just didn’t want to decide how or when. How nice it felt to be told what to do.  Besides, she had an uncontrollable desire for fast food (aka fried food).  So the Huz made tater tots and home-made chicken nuggets.  Yum.  Swallow it down with a Diet Coke. Of course.

The Parakeet actually is a much happier person with a fuller plate (literally and metaphorically). She enjoys when she has a lot to do, a lot of places to be, and even plenty of responsibility. It’s just that by Sunday, the biggest decisions seemed monumental. Should she drive? Should she bike? hair in a ponytail or down?  Should she pee now or after putting the dishes away?


Chill out, would ya.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Do Mi So Do So Mi Do
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


When the Parakeet was quite young, she sang.  In fact, at the age of three, she decided that she was Annie from the hit movie. Her father soon outlawed any more “Tomorrow” in the house.  It is a story of infamy in the Hoyer family that the Parakeet dragged her brother around on a leash singing “Dumb Dog Sandy”.  Neither of them can actually remember the incident(s), but can tell you all about it due to the repitition of the anecdote. 

The Parakeet is rehearsing a musical now. Her first full musical in six years (ish).  There have been plays with music, but this is a musical.  After many botched auditions in Chicago, the Parakeet finally started paying a vocal coach sometime around February.  A miracle, really.  She has had much better auditions since then and more importantly –a boost of confidence.

The Parakeet will not stop singing.  She is singing almost 25 hrs a week with rehearsals and then she comes home to work on the songs. She wakes up with them stuck in her head.  The Huz can’t stop laughing, because this is a trippy sixties musical and the Parakeet sings things like, “it’s not the number of your fingers on the end of your tongue” and “now he’s just a heap of scrap”.

When the Parakeet was a teenager, she had some ‘down’ times like all teens do.  Her mother said it was easy to tell when the Parakeet was in a good mood:  she sang.   All through the house.  It is so wonderful to feel those good moods (happiness) and to express them with music. 

Let’s hope the Parakeet fills her home with song for years to come.


Friday, May 19, 2006

Category: Romance and Relationships


Tonight The Huz and Parakeet are going on a date. How exciting. They were getting used to having lots of time together that it’s been a bit strange having the ‘Keet in rehearsals again. So….tonight is for the two of them.  They are going to see The DaVinci Code. Frankly, the Parakeet is hoping for a little popcorn as well.  Living in the city, like they do, they were sure to buy tickets online yesterday. Just precaution. 

They have anticipated this movie. Each of them read the book and couldn’t put it down. It read with lots of suspense just like a film.  It also helped they were on a thirteen-hour flight to Beijing.  (The Huz read it on the way there and the Keet on the way home.) 

So, yeah for movies and popcorn. The Parakeet can’t think of the last movie she went to see, what with the Netflix and all the theater in her life. And yeah for married dates. They are truly the best.

And for those of you who may be wanting to get in a huff, let’s quote Ron Howard, the director of the aforementioned film:

“This is for entertainment.  It’s not theology.”


Monday, May 22, 2006

tasks and goals..the future
Category: Life


The Parakeet is hard-pressed to remember a time when she did not have a to-do list. She had a Day Runner in high-school and was very excited to buy refill pages -especially in the To Do and Project categories.  She loved crossing things off the many lists she made. Occassionally, she would complete something, go to the list, find out it wasn’t there, add it and -cross it off.

If only this were no longer the case, sadly it is not.

In 2000, the Parakeet received a Handspring Palm from the Huz (who was not yet the Huz). It took her a while to adapt, but quickly began to love the speed with which she could expand her lists and the way items just disappeared when they were completed. The Handspring breathed it’s last breath last fall and the Huz gifted upon the Parakeet a Treo: Ooo, now this she really can get into.  She updates her calendar, syncs it to her computer, and can take pictures and call friends all from the same device.

There is an inherent paradox in this type of personality. While she struggles to eliminate items on the list, what in the world would she do with herself if the list were ever gone? 

Simple – she writes down fun things like 1. Call friend in New York.  2.  Make breakfast plans with so-and-so. 3. Shop for new jeans.  Even good times can be crossed off a list. Sad but true.

It is this aspect of the Parakeet’s personality that makes her day job such a great fit. She is an Office Manager and basically personal assitant to two executives at a small company. She keeps a task list on Outlook (you can even make them reoccur) and sometimes on a huge wipe-off board in the office. She works each day to complete these tasks as well as ones that arise throughout the day. She gets so much satisfaction from accomplishing even the tiniest tasks that today she started to wonder….if there ever came a day when she could afford an assistant…..would she want one?

Making the list for someone else wouldn’t be nearly as sastisfying. Or would it?


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

fatty and fried
Category: Food and Restaurants


The Parakeet tries to eat well, she really does. But deep down she likes things fatty and fried. In 2003, she ran the Chicago marathon; a feat of health and endurance. Upon completion, she picked up a beer waiting after the finish line. The Huz told her he’d go get whatever she wanted for dinner…the Parakeet replied, “something fried, chicken fingers or something.”  The Huz returned with said fried fingers from ODonovans and they were sooo good.

These habits catch up with the Parakeet despite her attention to fitness. She is after all five feet tall and there aren’t many places for that fat to go. Last year, she worked hard and paid attention to what she ate and was able to lose ten pounds. A week ago she went to the doctor and discovered she had indeed gained back seven of those pounds. So she is again focusing a little more on what she eats (Let’s not forget there is a jar of bacon grease in her fridge).

She does well throughout the day, eating whole grains, eating snacks high in protein, and honestly – she loves vegetables.  It only gets bad when she lets herself get hungry.  Too hungry. Then the junk cravings take over.

Last night after finishing rehearsal at 11:00 – she was quite hungry. She was a little tired, but needed to stay up and get some stuff done. In short, food of the fast variety was calling. In a last-second give in to temptation she pulled through the MickeyD’s drive-thru just one block from home. AAAHH, a McChicken and Medium Fry later…she was satiated.  She did some reading and some dishes and fell asleep.

Only today as she got up to go to the gym did it feel all for naught. The entire workout may not have cancelled out that fast food binge. 

Willpower: we are our own worst enemy. 


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