MySpace Blogs – November 2007

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


well it wasn’t too too bad of a story choice. because the parakeet has a call back.

the parakeet also is getting real tired of mr. wellington (her boss who is not named mr. wellington anymore than she is named the parakeet).

he is making ridiculous demands and then taking care of them himself before she can even pick up the phone -making her look pretty idiotic.

“oh, hi parakeet, actually i just got off the phone with mr. wellington”

and he is continually giving instructions like, “call her about the thing

ok. right on it. not a problem.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

I never joined the WGA
Category: Writing and Poetry


The Parakeet never joined the WGA. She wasn’t invited. But what a huge bummer. The Office is shutting down for now. Funny show.

Good thing the Parakeet loves Tivo. If needs be, she’ll just have to watch re-runs.

Or read a book.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

enough already
Category: Life


where has the bird been?

even she’s not sure.  but things are changing.

she starts rehearsal on monday for a new play
woohoo. check out

she closed that super-hit super-power thing, The Sparrow, a couple weeks ago. Tear. It was time, but it was bittersweet for sure.

She met her nephew over Thanksgiving. Man, he’s cute. Like six weeks old cute. You get the idea. And when he sleeps he looks a little serious, furrowed brow – he is processing some deep stuff – leave him be.

And the Day Job has hit a soul-crushing LOW…so, The Parakeet started her own business and she’s real excited about it.

For info on that nugget of news, check out

more later, kids. She’s back……


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Category: Life


Well…the Parakeet is another year older. And So is the Huz. and so is there Birthday Extravaganza tradition.
This year the beverage of choice was a delicious whiskey punch.
The decorations were shiny and red and purple.
The food was all store-bought and arranged on pretty plates all over the apartment.
The Parakeet will be eating a lot of frozen pizza this week – Finally, she threw a bday party and had leftover. Mission accomplished. But she’s not sure how all that pizza will go with her resolution to get to working out again this week.

New show to start on Monday. Very Very exciting.




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