MySpace Blogs – October 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Category: Life



The Parakeet has been a bit busy with some different things. It has been a long time, no blog.

– The show is going super well and sold out Friday and Saturday. What’s with that??

-She acted and sang her heart out for these fine people last week and had a great time even if her voice was a bit shot by Sunday’s performance of Hatfield.  There’s gotta be a better way…but she’s not that good yet. Yet.

-Her bathroom is cleaner than it has ever been. The in-laws arrive Friday morning.

-She made a mistake at work and told the boss this morning and she still has a job and the world did not end. Math is hard.

-She ran for the first time in three weeks and it felt soooo goood.

-It reached over 80 degrees, in October. People, please! Love it.

-More friends had a baby. The Huz and Parakeet brought them dinner last night. You could eat this child. She is so sweet. And she’s just six days old.

-They have finished three discs of Lost: Season 2. It’s still pretty great….

Consider yourself updated.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Category: Pets and Animals


What’s the most disgusting thing you did today?

The Parakeet attempted to remove dog poop stains from an upholstered armchair.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Category: Life


In addition to the parents of the Huz arriving today, the Parakeet also has an audition. Two nervewracking things.  She wants the in-laws to feel welcome, but she also wants to make it to the audition on time, looking pretty.  There will be about an hour at home between work and when the Keet needs to leave for the audition. Hopefully, everyone can get their hellos and excitement out in a timely manner. The Huz is entertaining them this morning.  They may even be tired from such an early flight. We’ll see….

It is exciting though because the Huz’ parents have never visited Chicago. Not true: They had a layover at O’Hare in 2003 or 04 and the bird and Huz took them out to pizza and to see their apt. Didn’t think they’d have time for that and it was a disaster; totally embarassing. Dishes, clothes, ahhh can’t think about it. When the bird left her home this morning it looked all right and the Huz was sweeping (what a dear).  It might not be PC or even ‘right’ but there’s a part of the Parakeet that always needs to prove to Mama Russell that the Huz is fed and his house is clean (even if, in truth, he takes care of himself). 


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Visit from the In-Laws
Category: Travel and Places


This is in the travel category since someone else traveled to see the Parakeet and the Huz. More accurately the Huz and the Parakeet but who’s keeping track?

– a stomach full of biscuits
– a stomach full of ice cream
– many liberal jokes at the expense of one bird
– four nights on an air matress
– a long discussion on communion/church
– crippling hugs

Good times:
– lots of support at the play
– laughing till you cry over the antics of the Russell men
– searching out the perfect pumpkin on a beautiful October day
– finding deals and steals on Maxwell street
– watching the Huz enjoy showing his family around town

Overall: a successful visit! See ya in November, Russells!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

caution! – deep waters
Category: Life


It is never easy to confront one’s own selfishness. Or prejudices. Or hypocrisies.  It is easy to say that everyone has them, but it is not easy to point out your own.

The Parakeet seems to be facing lately her own judgements, her own assumptions of people. Where they come from and what they think. It isn’t comfortable or fun, but it is opening her eyes. To feel uncomfortable or unique and unwelcome in a group often feels like being judged. Straddling indentities and places of belonging as an artist and a Christian, the Parakeet has often felt maligned by one side or the other. Recognizing that you are turning those feelings onto those from whom they first came, repeating their behavior, is frightening.

While asking everyone to share and give to respect and love one another, could it be that she hasn’t done that herself? Do even the wealthy and the ultra-conservative deserve compassion? Of course! Could it be that people who fall under these titles are compassionate themselves? Of course they could! After twenty-something years, these conclusions shouldn’t be so hard-won. But, oh, they are.

The Parakeet would like to love as she has been loved. By those different from her. She would like to give to all types of people; her time, her ear, and her heart.
It is not easy to say we are wrong or take personal responsibility at all in this day and age of scandal and scapegoats.  But she will try…..

p.s. Sorry, Johnny, the next post will be funny. The Parakeet will lighten up very soon.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

one, two, three…..FOUR!
Category: Romance and Relationships


Today is the fourth anniversary of the Huz and Parakeet’s wedding.
Crazy, huh? Since the Parakeet is just sixteen.

Calm down, it’s a joke. or is it?

The Huz and Parakeet have been through a lot in four years; three months living with the parents, a move over more than 1000 miles, unemployment, car accidents, sick loved ones, funerals, credit card debt, and they both had to have their heads stitched up within six months of each other: so they hang tough. Faith and Love have made all these things minor blips in their daily lives. 

This morning, as the alarm went off at 5:45, they faced each other bleary-eyed. The Huz was the first to say, “Happy Anniversary.” The Parakeet repeated the words and then said, “Hit Snooze.” He obliged.
Nine or ten minutes later they started their day. It’s criminal that these theatre artists are up so early all the time but you’ve heard enough about that.

Today the Parakeet is thankful for the Huz. She is thankful for him every day, but today she will say it out loud. She is thankful for marriage and friendship and partnership; a shoulder to lean and cry on, an ear to complain and whisper to, a hand to reach for and hold.

As she leaves for the theater tonight, she recognizes that he is so much of who she is and she him.  Without each other, where would they be?  It doesn’t matter, because they are here and it’s been four years!

She made him his favorite cocoa brownies. He’ll find them when he gets home. Don’t tell, it’s a surprise.



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ruffled feathers
Category: Life


Seriously? Seriously.

Last weekend the Parakeet ran through a corn maze in a t-shirt. Last Tuesday, she wore flip-flops to Home Group.
Yesterday, she attempted to bike to a voice lesson when the heavens rained down upon her in freezing little wet jolts. When it seemed neither her sweater or bag would survive she ducked into Target to wait it out. She had to cancel the lesson. Hopefully she can re-schedule or it was a $45 wander through the mega-shopping meca with a mocha. Her sopping cords kept her bum wet for nearly two hours.
Today, Today, she is watching snow fly horizontally across the gray blue sky from the 18th floor of 440 S. LaSalle in amazement.
Seriously? October 12th!
Last winter, the Huz and Parakeet instituted Soup Night Sundays trying new soups each Sunday, making them, inviting friends over. It definitely kept winter fun. It is going to take more that soup nights if winter wants October – May this year. I mean, come on.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers


The show the Parakeet currently performs in takes place in Appalachia. Appalachia of yester-yore even. One of the tiniest and funniest members of the cast after watching a certain movie and hearing a certain actress’ interview insists on putting an ‘R’ sound into everything he says. He is hilarious.  For example…there becomes thar and here becomes har, but hair also becomes har and for becomes fir and sometimes even table becomes tarble….because, he is, well just that funny.

Some mornings the Parakeet wakes up and hears everything with this extra sound in it because she can’t get the play out of her head.  And other days she just curses her har because she can’t wash it for three days so that it will curl correctly and it is full of har spray and faux waves.  Oh, Har, what a pain.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Category: Life

The Parakeet is fighting a monster cold. Yes, the kind that afflict monsters. She finally got her booty to the gym yesterday, felt great, rode home, nice weather and bam! about 7:00 there it came in the throat, behind the eyes, and of course running from the nose. She slept. She drank Emergen-C. This morning she took cold-eeze and drank some more Emergenc-C. Her energy is coming back. She will sleep all day today, too, and tomorrow night’s show will be glorious. Because in the words of her mother, “she does not have time to be sick.”


Thursday, October 19, 2006

shao – shao
Category: Life

The Parakeet took possibly the longest shower ever this morning. She got it at 5:56 and got out at 6:34.  woah.  The water was so hot. She was tired and the Huz was asleep and didn’t tell her to get out. It was glorious. She was a tad late to work, but it was well worth it.

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some things….
Category: Life


some things the Parakeet has on her mind:

-a stuffy nose
-she needs to call her mom and her sister-in-law
-is it too cold to ride her bike to the gym?
-she needs new boots for winter
-should she take a nap just in case?
-LOST, finished season 2 last night. OH MY.
-work: been a little slow lately, which is only fun for so long
-rehearsals; are they really starting already?
-dinnner: should she make steak salad or the ever-recurring chicken and black beans?
-her toes are cold, in socks, is the heater on?


Monday, October 23, 2006

one beat behind
Category: Romance and Relationships


The Parakeet and the Huz, as we all know, are moving this weekend. Their new apt is faboo but does not have a second bedroom. It has a sort of extra room ‘area’. The Parakeet would like that area more defined. She requested a shelf/room divider of sorts. She searched out various types of these things from places like Pier One, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and printed out the pictures. These items ranged in price from $400 – $2600.  So…the Huz and the ‘Keet together designed a little something.  The Huz is good like that and Saturday he got to work. The wood they could afford was proving to be a bit of a pain, so he took a break.

On Sunday, they returned to the shop together. The ‘Keet would sand and stain while the Huz finished notching the boards that needed to be notched. Hilarity ensued.

As they left the shop, the Parakeet looked down at her gray-ish jeans in the car.  They were speckled brown from the Mahogany stain she had used all afternoon.

“Oh shoot, will this wash out of my pants?”

The Huz began to laugh and laugh.  The Parakeet was silent, confused, and then she said, “Are you laughing because it’s called ‘STAIN’?”

“yeah, basically.”



Thursday, October 26, 2006

up up and ….
Category: Life


The Keet has been a bit down lately. Irritable is a more accurate description.  She’s been busy and feels like nothing is getting the attention it deserves (especially the packing).

Anyway, yesterday she had a voice lesson. The Vibe is in the shop because the ‘check engine’ light won’t stop yelling.  That doesn’t make her stressed though, because they bought the extended warranty.

Anyway, she had to bike because her car is occupied and we know what happened last time she attempted this particular outing.  So she wasn’t shaking the crankies for this venture. 

She threw on a jacket and some gloves. The sky was clear and the air was brisk. Seriously, it was from a film, this day.  She took really deep breaths that filled her lungs and leaves literally flew and fell on her as she rode. Her spirits were instantly lifted.  Excersize: gotta get back to that, it’s invigorating.

Then: the voice lesson. It went super and her voice was dropped and supported. She was letting notes soar she hasn’t hit in a while. Felt good.

She biked back home a new woman. What a great autumn day.

Cardio and Singing…nothing like kicking up some endorphins for a pick-me-up.

Two thumbs up. Russell recommended.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Category: Food and Restaurants


the parakeet can not get enough water these days. it’s getting annoying. she wakes up dry as the desert. her head hurts and her lips are cracked. by 10:30 this morning, she has already had 48oz of water.

what’s the deal-io? yo.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Category: Life


The Parakeet was walking through the building at 166 W. Jackson this morning to go to CVS. There was a man standing in the middle of the walkway talking to another man, he matter of factly said, “I went over to my brother’s to borrow a screwdriver. Literally a screwdriver. And I’m at a bar until 3AM.”



Tuesday, October 31, 2006

what is essential?
Category: Life


The Huz and the Parakeet are in the process of moving. AND it has been a process.  They moved most of their things on Saturday thanks to the help of a few friends. The Keet was up until 3:30 packing on Friday, though, and that really stunk. She doesn’t stay up until that hour, ever anymore, being an old married lady -and when the alarm went off at six, she thought there was a brick on her stomach holding her in bed.  But she survived with the assistance of coffee and a few too many munchkin donut holes. 
They left their bed and some clothes and toiletries at their current dwelling because the new one is not complete. It lacks things like a kitchen sink and counter top, bathroom sink and toilet. What is essential?
The Huz gently reminded his friend who manages the building that the first is Wednesday and we’d help however we could.
Of course everything will work out, because it always does one way or another. But it seems that Halloween will be spent cleaning the old crap-hole and perhaps using the bathroom sink as the kitchen sink for a few more days…..assuming that one gets put in first


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