MySpace Blogs – October 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

who thought it would matter so much?
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities


In an interesting, actually mundane, turn of events – the Keet and the Huz no longer have cable. Their building manager (and former work colleague of the Huz) moved out of the building. He had wired the cable so they shared the service – and the bill. When he told the pair he was moving out, he explained that he’d be turning off the cable. Big fans of Iron Chef America, Human Weapon, Saving Grace, and other time-passing tv, the two were disappointed. They discussed their options, called cable providers, and decided – they’ve only had cable for ten months – they can live without it.
September First, like clockwork, no more Food or History or TBS – just fuzzy networks. They had Comcast install a line just so the networks come in good enough to Tivo and left it at that.

The big surprise: They don’t care one bit! They haven’t missed the cable. In fact, they are probably leaving the house a bit more with out it. Turns out the Keet’s dad was right all along* Cable does just make you watch more TV.

Cheers to the Major Networks – they are plenty!

*While the Keet and her sibs weren’t allowed cable growing up – the Empty Nesting ‘Rents now have direct TV, DVR, dish – the whole deal – I think there’s even a tv complete with DVD player in the kitchen – what??


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Schmold Gravy
Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

That huge three-story knock-off favorite on State Street is having a gigantimongous sale. The Parakeet left with four shirts for the Huz, a pair of pants, a cami, tunic, shirt for work, and a turtleneck all for less than seventy dollars. Check it out, yos. They are trying to get rid of all their fall clothes.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Nephew Time!
Category: Life


Well, yesterday – about 10:45 in the morning – the Keet’s brother and his wife had a baby boy!

He’s a healthy 8 lbs, 10 oz and 22 inches long. Big Baby – full head of hair.

His name is Wesley Paul Hoyer.

The Keet and Huz will meet him over Thanksgiving if all goes according to plan.

Wow! So Exciting!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cinco and ….Blessed.
Category: Romance and Relationships


Last Saturday was the anniversary or the Keet and Huz’s marriage. Number 5, actually.
The Huz picked up the bird after her show(s) on Saturday and they went for a drink at a pretty little Rush area Bar and then spent the night at The Palmer House downtown.
A comfortable, cozy room in a Gor-Geous Hotel that complimented the Roses and Champagne (supplied by the Huz) perfectly. They took a little time to remember the past five years and toast their future.
They ordered room service for breakfast and didn’t get dressed until after noon. Probably how every anniversary-after morning should go. Seriously.
Then, the Huz went home to walk the dog and the Keet did two more shows. But they got away. Even if for a little more than twelve hours – it was secluded and sweet.

Happy 5th!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers



The Parakeet had an audition today for a short film. In time, not that everyone in it had to be short.
She was supposed to tell a story about herself in highschool, anything that might show where she was socially, or what high school was like for her.




High school was fun for her, seriously. It was a good time. Why no stories were coming to mind she wasn’t sure. She thought about explaining that she was such a nerd she worked at a movie theater. TRUE. And she was nerdier enough still to bring home all the aluminum cans the Theater refused to recycle and recycle them with her parent’s curbside pick-up. Also true.

She thought about trying to explain her level of involvement with the theater department. But no, “stories” came to mind. Except for directing a play with at-risk African American students for Black History month, and having to sneak one actor out of In-School Suspension (he hit a teacher) so that he could do the show for 400 elementary school kids. Not really about her and not really uplifting audition material. the end, she took the old “I peed on the football field as a middle-school cheerleader” and made herself a freshman.
They were laughing hysterically. Until she told them that she actually peed on the football field. They were disgusted. The rest of the interview was fine. She thinks. Or is trying not to think.
On her way out the door, one of the producers laughed and said, “Thanks for coming in Parakeet, The bathroom’s down the hall on the left.”

mbwahh bwahh bwahh haaa haaa.
good times.


oh man.




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