Willie Nillie

The Parakeet and the Huz had a wonderful weekend. It was great weather here in Chi-town. Finally. On Friday night, they put on their straw hats and boarded the Metra train north for an outdoor concert featuring the great Willie Nelson. They met a group of friends who had staked out a rather large section of lawn.  They added their snacks to the feast and sat down for a beautiful summer evening. The two Russells didn’t even know how much the whole outing was exactly what they needed. Good Friends, Good Food, GREAT music…

A super date for the super Preg. The Metra ride home was another story. Imagine hundreds of people mostly inebriated trying to get onto a train car – with not really any sort of line. Imagine they are also continuing to drink and half of them are carrying lawn chairs of coolers. Oh man…

The Huz had to throw down a little just to make sure that Preg (short and round) could get up the stairs without being squashed. They found seats and they hid under those adorable straw hats for the 90 min ride home. Strangely reminiscent of trying to get on a bus back to SMU from Deep Ellum after a Frat Party. Songs and Revelry till 1AM.

Willie Nelson

Willie and Texas – Represent!

Huge Strawberries

Biggest Strawberries Ever! And in the bottom there – that’s peach cornbread. Who thought of that? Yum!!

32 weeks of Baby

You asked for it – 32 weeks of Baby Belly. Woah, Mama.


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