Well…they may not be quite to the much talked-about Nesting phase. But they did get the nursery painted on Sunday.

SOOO Fun. Their good friend Brig mixed paint specifically to match the bedding the Parakeet agonized over choosing for months. She loves decorating projects (as most of you know) and the first nursery – well that has to be just right.

So, Brig brought over three colors – and they used them all in a pretty fun way.

The Parakeet’s Mom will be in Chi-town next week to help put the rest of the nursery in place. Two painted walls are not quite enough for the Russell-to-be.

Getting Started….

still taping

can you see where this is going?


One response to “Nesting?

  1. Sara – it looks great! Super sharp.

    I totally didn’t know you guys had a blog. Just so you know I adore all blogs, so of course I’ll have to start stalking yours as well.

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