The Great Tele-Commute

The Parakeet has been fortunate enough to arrange  work-from-home situation with her job. She is transitioning this change so that when she leaves work to have the baby – she will be almost entirely working from home. Then, after a little maternity leave – she will continue to work from home and go into the office one day a week.

So, with the Trading Office work coming home AND Arbonne – the home Office has become very important to her.  The “room” in the new apt designated for all these tasks is a sun room off the living room. Three walls have windows. Super beautiful. Not so super for storage. So…the Huz, with all his gifts, made some shelves for the Keet yesterday that fit under the windows – think cubbies like at an elementary school. The Parakeet is working today to fit two cabinets worth of stuff into these cubbies in an organized and somewhat attractive way.  They painted the shelves the same color as the wall – when they are all situated and the Parakeet is a working woman from home, all set up – she’ll give you some pics. Why does every evening lately seemed filled with this apartment and getting settled? ahh….


One response to “The Great Tele-Commute

  1. Nice.

    According to, you’ll be saving $5800 per year vs. commuting 25 miles to work.

    Wishing you all the best as a growing family!

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