Wonderful Sunday

The Huz and Parakeet were out late on Saturday – especially for the Preg. A good friend of theirs had a little birthday party. Their was an Aloha theme and everyone got “leied”.  A good time with good food and good conversation.

So..they slept in on Sunday. They didn’t make it to church and in fact – they left the house only twice…both times to walk the Dog.

The Huz made blueberry pancakes and bacon.  The Parakeet wrote lots of Thank-You notes. The Huz organized their pictures on the computer. The Parakeet chatted on the phone.

They spent the whole day in the apt watching it alternate between sunshine and rain outside.

They chatted on the couch. They chatted at the dining room table.

They discussed the upcoming changes in their lives and where they would vacation next year and the weather and gossip and politics. They never turned on the television.

It was a Wonderful Sunday.


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