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75 Pounds of Steak…Imagine…

The Huz and the Parakeet have a pretty adorable dog. He’s a ten-year old Jack Russell Terrier who gets lots of attention on walks.
This evening they took him for his evening stroll together. They were at their back gate when they notice a man had pulled his car into the alley to throw some garbage into a dumpster.  He was middle-aged and in good shape – he wore all khaki and a bright Blue Cubs hat. He also had a full beard and either an ipod or cell phone attached to his ears.  He was excited to see Percy.
“Great Dog, Man!” He said in a completely raspy voice.
The Huz answered, “Thanks” and Percy approached for some petting from his new friend. The man was happy to snuggle his ears.  He said something about how amazing it was that Percy wasn’t barking, that he used to have a dog like that….the usual.
The Keet and Huz turned toward the gate.
Then, the man stood up straight and said, “I’d have a zoo if I could afford it.”
The Keet and Huz sort of mumbled some pleasantries, oh yeah..heh heh.
“But can you imagine a Lion? What it cost to feed it?  ..The price of Steak.”
The Huz and Keet sort of gave a collective, huh?
“75 pounds of meat a day, man. ”
“Yeah, that would be expensive.”
“and a tiger…95 pounds!”
” Oh, wow. Well, that’s a lot of steak”.  What else can you say?
“But Imagine…walking the streets of Chicago with a Siberian Tiger on a leash…Who’d mess with you? No One.”
Then he laughed, long and loud and full of rasp.
And on that note…the Huz and Keet said, “Have a good one” and took their little dog home.

That’s the entertainment you can find living in the city.


Fins to the Left….Fins to the Right….

Last Thursday, the Parakeet and the Huz were given serious V.I.P. treatment.  Certainly an new experience for the two of them – They went to a Jimmy Buffet Concert.
The Parakeet picked the Huz up from work and they drove down South and met some friends of the Keets’ parents at a hotel.  There, they sat and had a couple drinks before getting in a town car to head over to the concert. There were eight of them total. When they got to Toyota Park, they went to a special V.I.P. Parking Lot. Seriously -those exist.
Here they opened the back of the big Escalade and ate and drank with their new friends.  It should be noted that the people who had these special tickets plan events. The Hosts, in fact, work for Margaritaville. So, the Parakeet and the Huz were on the trip because a client had backed out …lucky for them!
So, after eating in the parking lot for a bit and taking in the hilarious Parrot Heads (dancing on top of an RV with a Pirate Flag), the group picked up their tickets from Will Call – where they also received Hospitality Passes.  Those passes put them in a fun room filled with beach balls, snacks, and a margarita bar. Most of the band was there meeting people. It was a great time. Then right before the concert, they walked down to the floor of the stadium and found their seats – super close to the front.
He came out alone and sang “Whatcha got cookin’?” Then his band joined him. He was barefoot. It was such a simple, fun show. The Huz said it was his favorite concert ever. They danced together. Somehow the Parakeet ended up with Palm Tree beads around her neck.  He ended the night with “Margaritaville”.
By the end of the night, the Parakeet was definitely wearing out. Lots of standing for the uber-pregnant. But she made it and everyone around them just couldn’t believe she was there at all – so they were extra nice.  Only two strangers rubbed her belly for “good luck”.

If you get a chance to see Jimmy Buffet live, he is so fun – Go, go, go!  And wear something fun – like a Hawaiian shirt or a shark fin on your head.

Settling In.

The Parakeet mentioned a few weeks ago that she and the Huz were trying to get the office in order for her transition to work-from-home.  It is going well. She is home two days a week now and some kinks in communication with the office have already been solved. Hopefully, this will make her transition back to work after the arrival of Baby Russell a bit more smooth.
But, as promised, pictures of the Huz’ handiwork and the ‘Keet organization are below. It’s not as “pretty” as it could be, but it is definitely doing the job. It also seems to be the best use of space in a room that is three walls of windows.  The Huz made the cubbies to fit the room out of MDF and the Keet (with help from Brig, of course) painted them the same colors as the walls. The Parakeet then took as much stuff as she could and shoved it into and on top of those cubbies 🙂  Not much is decorative; it’s a pretty practical solution that will hopefully work for at least a year. 

Pay no attention to the wilting Orchid. Surely it will come back 🙂

Done and Done.

The Parakeet finally finished pasting in all the old MySpace Blogs. They are posted on June 18th and 19th of 2008. They span from March 2006 through November 2007. Phew. So, that is mostly for her records, but if you’re interested in what that year or two was like for the Russells – feel free to read on back. They are not in order, because she gave up on trying to figure out how to fix that. But the titles are self-explanatory.


For a while, the Russells took weekly belly pics. They have been lazier about it recently – Maybe the wonder has worn off. BUT on Monday they took a picture for 36 weeks, and wow – it looked so different than the last one at 29. So for your viewing pleasure….


During this Pregnancy, the Parakeet began to occasionally TIVO Oprah. It was super relaxing to come home from work and veg out in the afternoon – before the Huz is home, of course – and eat something while crying or laughing or smiling at America’s favorite talk show host.

A couple weeks ago, the Parakeet got a text from her friend: Pick up the Reader – you won’t belive the feature!  A mutual friend of both of theirs, from a show about five years ago, has a BLOG. A Blog about Oprah.  The next week that friend was interviewed on All Things Considered – where she had to reveal her name.  Anyway, the Parakeet is so into this project now. It is called and her friend is Living for ONE WHOLE YEAR – doing everything Oprah says. She’s trying to see if it will really give her “her best life”.  It’s a great blog and the Parakeet has even read back a few months.

Many interests combined for the Keet:  Blogging, Oprah, and getting back in touch with an Old Friend.

Check it out:

Hilarious and Insightful

Not since First Trimester…

The Parakeet closed her eyes on the el and missed her stop. Just by two…but, man, is that disappointing on a Friday afternoon? She just waited on the reverse train and went back. Good Grief.