The Parakeet’s Mom came to visit this past week. She stayed three nights and they worked hard getting ready for the baby. On Thursday night, though, they took a break and celebrated the Holiday in style. They took the Metra downtown, then a bus to Navy Pier where they had reserved tickets on a Fireworks Cruise.  Away from the crowds they sailed around Lake Michigan enjoying the views of the Ferris Wheel and Skyline until the fireworks show started.  And it was quite the display! The weather was extremely chilly out on the Lake. They could not believe it was the 3rd of July! The Parakeet’s mom pointed out that these were winter temps for her. Seriously -they were.  And she only had flip-flops. But they all survived.  It was such a unique perspective to see the whole show free from trees and other people’s chairs and with the whole skyline in view. The Huz snapped away the entire time and here are some of their favorite shots. Enjoy!


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