Well, the Parakeet’s Mom was in town for three days – and she was down to business.  With the Parakeet, she cleaned the crib and changing table. They rearranged furniture, washed at least five loads of clothes and blankets and bibs and burp cloths. They re-organized a closet. They assembled a bassinet and they even survived a falling shelf.  The Huz hung things on the wall at the two women’s direction.  Two trips to Target.  One to CVS – the nursery looks pretty complete.  She left Saturday and the Huz picked up a Rocker from a vintage/antique store in North Center and….Ta-DA!!  The little buckaroo’s room is pretty much ready. Now they just need a baby…..





Rockin’ Out – 34 1/2 weeks …woah.


2 responses to “TA-DA!!

  1. Hey, I followed your link here from your myspace. The room looks great! SO cute! So, a little boy, huh? Good luck, girl! 😉 They’re a hoot and a handful. :o)

  2. Sue "The Mother-in-Law"

    I love the nursery! It is absolutely perfect in all the wonderful details. You look great in the rocker. I only wish I could have seen you in the Moby!

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