The Parakeet’s Mother-in-law sent her a present for the soon-to-be baby.  It arrived this week – a Moby Wrap.  So pretty!

So last night, the Parakeet opened it up with the Huz to see just how this huge piece of fabric worked. The booklet suggested that you practice wrapping before the baby – 3 or 4 times maybe with a stuffed animal or doll.  So, the Parakeet carefully followed the instructions winding the yards of cotton around herself and then put a big teddy bear in the “Newborn Hold”.  This looked especially hilarious with her huge pregnant belly. 

She then rocked her hips back and forth (which in general feels good being pregnant – nice new discovery) and sort of walked around patting the bear. She even began to sing. The Huz was watching from an armchair, amused, and then finally said “I think the baby’s asleep. I think that’s good.”

Poor Huz. He is learning so much patience these last weeks. I mean the Keet was strange enough and now these pregnancy hormones…


One response to “Practice

  1. Happy to be reminded of your blog. like it. Don’t stop writing. 🙂 Especially liked the one where you stayed home all day Sunday.

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