During this Pregnancy, the Parakeet began to occasionally TIVO Oprah. It was super relaxing to come home from work and veg out in the afternoon – before the Huz is home, of course – and eat something while crying or laughing or smiling at America’s favorite talk show host.

A couple weeks ago, the Parakeet got a text from her friend: Pick up the Reader – you won’t belive the feature!  A mutual friend of both of theirs, from a show about five years ago, has a BLOG. A Blog about Oprah.  The next week that friend was interviewed on All Things Considered – where she had to reveal her name.  Anyway, the Parakeet is so into this project now. It is called and her friend is Living for ONE WHOLE YEAR – doing everything Oprah says. She’s trying to see if it will really give her “her best life”.  It’s a great blog and the Parakeet has even read back a few months.

Many interests combined for the Keet:  Blogging, Oprah, and getting back in touch with an Old Friend.

Check it out:

Hilarious and Insightful


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