For a while, the Russells took weekly belly pics. They have been lazier about it recently – Maybe the wonder has worn off. BUT on Monday they took a picture for 36 weeks, and wow – it looked so different than the last one at 29. So for your viewing pleasure….


5 responses to “Update-amus

  1. Oh my dearie! You look BEAUTIFUL! What a belly. I love it. Wish I was there to rub it! I am so excited for the man to make himself known. xoxo

  2. Wow ‘keet. How lovely. How amazing. There’s a big baby in there!

  3. Julia Dossett

    You look 100% adorable.

  4. I think you look just beautiful. Despite how tiring it can be to be pregnant, your radiance is truly shining. If I sound overly sappy, I so miss being pregnant.

  5. Sue "The Mother-in-Law"

    You know, I’m thinking, John weighed 9.3lbs…

    I know the waiting is hard some days. All the sleeplessness and swelling – but Owen will make his debut before you know it. May you feel God’s loving arms around you today. lovesue

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