Settling In.

The Parakeet mentioned a few weeks ago that she and the Huz were trying to get the office in order for her transition to work-from-home.  It is going well. She is home two days a week now and some kinks in communication with the office have already been solved. Hopefully, this will make her transition back to work after the arrival of Baby Russell a bit more smooth.
But, as promised, pictures of the Huz’ handiwork and the ‘Keet organization are below. It’s not as “pretty” as it could be, but it is definitely doing the job. It also seems to be the best use of space in a room that is three walls of windows.  The Huz made the cubbies to fit the room out of MDF and the Keet (with help from Brig, of course) painted them the same colors as the walls. The Parakeet then took as much stuff as she could and shoved it into and on top of those cubbies 🙂  Not much is decorative; it’s a pretty practical solution that will hopefully work for at least a year. 

Pay no attention to the wilting Orchid. Surely it will come back 🙂


2 responses to “Settling In.

  1. looks like a pretty good office to me!

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