75 Pounds of Steak…Imagine…

The Huz and the Parakeet have a pretty adorable dog. He’s a ten-year old Jack Russell Terrier who gets lots of attention on walks.
This evening they took him for his evening stroll together. They were at their back gate when they notice a man had pulled his car into the alley to throw some garbage into a dumpster.  He was middle-aged and in good shape – he wore all khaki and a bright Blue Cubs hat. He also had a full beard and either an ipod or cell phone attached to his ears.  He was excited to see Percy.
“Great Dog, Man!” He said in a completely raspy voice.
The Huz answered, “Thanks” and Percy approached for some petting from his new friend. The man was happy to snuggle his ears.  He said something about how amazing it was that Percy wasn’t barking, that he used to have a dog like that….the usual.
The Keet and Huz turned toward the gate.
Then, the man stood up straight and said, “I’d have a zoo if I could afford it.”
The Keet and Huz sort of mumbled some pleasantries, oh yeah..heh heh.
“But can you imagine a Lion? What it cost to feed it?  ..The price of Steak.”
The Huz and Keet sort of gave a collective, huh?
“75 pounds of meat a day, man. ”
“Yeah, that would be expensive.”
“and a tiger…95 pounds!”
” Oh, wow. Well, that’s a lot of steak”.  What else can you say?
“But Imagine…walking the streets of Chicago with a Siberian Tiger on a leash…Who’d mess with you? No One.”
Then he laughed, long and loud and full of rasp.
And on that note…the Huz and Keet said, “Have a good one” and took their little dog home.

That’s the entertainment you can find living in the city.


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