Monthly Archives: August 2008

Birth Day

Little “O”  Russell

Born August 20th, 2008 5:06 A.M.
8lbs 1oz 22″ long


Love those Olympics

The Keet is still home and still pregnant, BUT Little “O” is getting ready. She can tell. The Dr. is giving him a bit of a deadline…Monday or Wednesday, so hopefully he’ll decide to enter on his own.  The Olympics, though,  have been a lovely distraction. 
How about those USA gymnasts? So exciting! The Keet and Huz have been watching most nights, cheering and feeling proud and emotional. Probably the emotional part is more the Keet than the Huz, but that 4X100 Freestyle Relay did really get him worked up.  They started with those teriffic Opening ceremonies.  Kind of extra special for these two, because they visited Bejing almost exactly three years ago while the city was preparing and excited.  Watching does make them want to visit again, but how can they go back when there are so many other places to see, too?  Have you been watching? Do  you love it?

Due – do -dee- do

Today is the big Due Date. Well, it was the original due date, and according to lore, legend, and medicine – the most accurate. The Parakeet is still a big ol’ Preg. BUT things are moving along. There may not be much to say…until there is SO MUCH to say. Wish her luck, say prayers, and look for pictures of a baby sooner rather than later.



The Huz and Keet went out for a burger Saturday night to one of the best Beer Gardens in the City (Moody’s Pub in Edgewater).

Sitting next to them were three 20 or 30 somethings enjoying the same fare. The Parakeet heard one man say, “I’m an atheist with Catholic Guilt and a Protestant work ethic”

Yikes. Now, that sounds miserable.

A Conserve Story

On Thursday, the Keet and Huz took a break from sitting around the apartment waiting on a baby and went down to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  They got an impressive look at the Tiger and the Jaguar, before deciding there were too many children and people there to have a good time. Seriously – the free zoo in August was a bit much. So they walked out the other entrance and into the Lincoln  Park Conservatory. They have lived in Chicago for more than five years. They have visited the zoo multiple times a year, but they have never visited the conservatory. Also Free.
They walked through the formal garden and then went inside to see the plants. Impressive and Beautiful. Lots of types of leaves and tropical plants, especially that they had never seen before.

A few of their favorite pics (all by the Huz):

An Orchid growing inside the base of a tree.

The Lady Slipper Orchid – Wow.

39 Weeks Preg. And she may have found something bigger than her belly. It’s called an Elephant Ear 🙂

They will definitely be back.


Maybe it’s because there’s a baby on the way or maybe it’s because the Parakeet wakes up in the night and sometimes has trouble getting back to sleep, BUT songs from her childhood are resurfacing in her head. In Snippets. Choruses. Refrains.
This morning’s just won’t stop. She thinks it is a hangover from church and not Girl Scouts. The only words she can remember are…

I knowed it, knowed it, indeed I knowed it brother,
I knowed it **whee**  dese bones gonna rise again

Anyone? There are hand motions…

Because He does Understand.

The Parakeet has been extremely emotional and vulnerable as of late. And of course, she has. The evenings especially she becomes a bit hard to predict, because she’s not sure what she wants exactly but doesn’t want certain things – for sure. She also wakes up every two to three hours throughout the night. This is starting to sound like a baby, hmmm….

Anyway, this morning she woke up feeling great. She kissed the Huz, made him a little breakfast and coffee, started chatting.
She said “See, I’m so nice in the morning.”

“Maybe it’s because you have feet,” he said without missing a beat.

Yes, maybe it’s that simple. She starts the day with feet and ends it with big puffy stumps. Who wouldn’t get confused and crabby?