Because He does Understand.

The Parakeet has been extremely emotional and vulnerable as of late. And of course, she has. The evenings especially she becomes a bit hard to predict, because she’s not sure what she wants exactly but doesn’t want certain things – for sure. She also wakes up every two to three hours throughout the night. This is starting to sound like a baby, hmmm….

Anyway, this morning she woke up feeling great. She kissed the Huz, made him a little breakfast and coffee, started chatting.
She said “See, I’m so nice in the morning.”

“Maybe it’s because you have feet,” he said without missing a beat.

Yes, maybe it’s that simple. She starts the day with feet and ends it with big puffy stumps. Who wouldn’t get confused and crabby?


2 responses to “Because He does Understand.

  1. So. Cute.
    You guys are such a sweet pair.

  2. šŸ™‚

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