A Conserve Story

On Thursday, the Keet and Huz took a break from sitting around the apartment waiting on a baby and went down to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  They got an impressive look at the Tiger and the Jaguar, before deciding there were too many children and people there to have a good time. Seriously – the free zoo in August was a bit much. So they walked out the other entrance and into the Lincoln  Park Conservatory. They have lived in Chicago for more than five years. They have visited the zoo multiple times a year, but they have never visited the conservatory. Also Free.
They walked through the formal garden and then went inside to see the plants. Impressive and Beautiful. Lots of types of leaves and tropical plants, especially that they had never seen before.

A few of their favorite pics (all by the Huz):

An Orchid growing inside the base of a tree.

The Lady Slipper Orchid – Wow.

39 Weeks Preg. And she may have found something bigger than her belly. It’s called an Elephant Ear 🙂

They will definitely be back.


One response to “A Conserve Story

  1. Oh, I love elephant ears! My grandmother had them all along the side of her house and they were so big my sister and I could hide behind them.

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