Love those Olympics

The Keet is still home and still pregnant, BUT Little “O” is getting ready. She can tell. The Dr. is giving him a bit of a deadline…Monday or Wednesday, so hopefully he’ll decide to enter on his own.  The Olympics, though,  have been a lovely distraction. 
How about those USA gymnasts? So exciting! The Keet and Huz have been watching most nights, cheering and feeling proud and emotional. Probably the emotional part is more the Keet than the Huz, but that 4X100 Freestyle Relay did really get him worked up.  They started with those teriffic Opening ceremonies.  Kind of extra special for these two, because they visited Bejing almost exactly three years ago while the city was preparing and excited.  Watching does make them want to visit again, but how can they go back when there are so many other places to see, too?  Have you been watching? Do  you love it?


4 responses to “Love those Olympics

  1. can’t wait to see little O. solidified time off work. i think i’ll paint something for the boy and i’ve already found a special exotic gift for the mom. if you haven’t yet you should see my reports from training camp.

  2. What a godfather! We’re excited to see you.

  3. Been loving the olympics and thinking of you at every garage sale. can’t wait to bring you dinner after the little on is finally here. I know you will be relieved! 🙂

  4. Oh man – is he here yet? I can’t take the suspense!

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