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Like His Mother

Within two weeks or so of life, Little O’s right eye seemed to be full of gook – most of the time.  The Parakeet immediately thought he had some kind of infection and they had let too many people hold him without washing their hands. Surely it was some sort of parenting mistake they should have been smart enough to avoid.

The Dr, however, let them know that Little O had blocked tear ducts; Common in newborns and usually takes care of itself between two and four months. In the meantime, just wash his eyes with a warm washcloth. 

Well, this poor baby is constantly oozing from the eyeball and even Mom is starting to say, “Disgusting”. 

Little O can’t get his right eye open after naps until the washcloth does it’s job.  This is how he is like his mother. Her allergies were often so bad as a child and teenager that she would rub and rub and rub her eyes before sleeping, only to wake up and be unable to open them. They had crusted shut.  By fifteen, she was able to stumble herself to the bathroom and wipe her own eyes, but surely as a kid she just had to call, “Mom!”

This isn’t the characteristic she was hoping to pass on to her first-born.  Congratulations, son – you got Mama’s Crusty Eyes.


So Many Firsts…

It has been quite a week or so for Little O. Lots of changes, lots of new things. In fairness, when you’ve been alive just one month lots of things are new. His experiences are limited.

The Parakeet needed to get back to work. She asked her return date be delayed from the 15th to the 22nd, and no one at work minded.  So..phew. She and O were not ready.  Then, the world melted. Well, the Wall Street world anyway.  She got a text on Wednesday morning “I need you to come in ASAP. Thursday would be good.”

Begack! No, no…There is no baby sitter. The Keet is still in Maternity clothes.  The baby can’t take a bottle. Ack! Ack! Ack!

She calmly called the boss and said, “Explain to me what you need.” He did. “OK. I will do that from home”. And she did.

She worked from home Wednesday through Friday, and as luck would have it both Saturday and Sunday.  Well, are you watching the news? The proverbial shit has hit the fan on Wall Street – it shouldn’t be a surprise that even our little bird in Chicago is feeling the effects.

Sometimes she had a baby on her boob while updating a spreadsheet and other times he was fussing in her lap. The best times he was asleep, and the second best times he was being cuddled by the Huz.  Either way, the work got done. She survived. Little O survived.

But Monday, oh Monday was new anxiety. She would have to leave Little O for hours.  He had been taking one bottle a day from the Huz for maybe 4 days. Each one a little easier but still tricky, and the breasts were always around just in case…they wouldn’t be on Monday.  Little O also had been giving the Keet a real run for her money in the sleep department. On Friday night, he never made it more than two hours leaving the Bird to pull her feathers out on Saturday until the Huz intervened and made her sleep. He walked the baby outside for an hour – an hour where, thank god, he slept. So the Parakeet lived in fear of Monday morning, fear she woudl come home to an unfed, overstimulated, over tired Little O.

Well….it was fine. The Keet left with the Huz holding Little O who he got to sleep just as the babysitter arrived.  He then slept for two and a half hours, woke up took his bottle, and was back asleep within two hours and still sleeping when the Keet got home. God Bless it! All anxieties for naught. Oh, except the clothing – the Parakeet wore maternity pants to work, but we can’t win them all, now can we?

First time sleeping in the swing – he made it half an hour.  On the one month Birthday, looking pretty darn cute courtesy of Erin. Thanks for the outfit!!

Little O just hanging out in clothes that coordinate with his nursery.  This doesn’t happen every day, but when it does it sure can be documented.  This happy moment was followed by a long walk outside in the beautiful September sun.

Weeks Have Passed….

As a disclaimer, the Parakeet is looking and feeling a lot better. But the internet needed this picture which will appropriately be titled “Life with a Newborn: At Least those are cute Pajama Pants”


Why are the floors in the nursery the creakiest in the apartment? Seriously.

The Godfather

The Parakeet’s Godfather is a character. More on him later. 
Today, look at Little O’s godfather and the Parakeet’s brother; he is about to leave, in just a week’s time for a journey literally around the world. He’s keeping a blog and he’s writing a monthly column for his local paper.  Check out the article here.

Awesome. The sister in the Keet gets nervous for him, but the sistah in the Keet is supa jealous and excited to read all about it.

He’s Growing…

Tomorrow Little O will be four weeks old. Holy Cow. He already looks different from those first days in the hospital…


Two and a half weeks old, a little nap after nursing.

Almost Three Weeks, what a hipster…this is for Mimi and Aunt Megan. The Parakeet realized after she got this onesie on that it was backwards, so it was changed with the next diaper. You can’t pull things over this baby’s head more than once while getting dressed. That would just be cruel.

And there he is on Monday evening, almost four weeks…What a guy!

It’s A Numbers Game

The Parakeet has always been a counter. She counts things. Especially to pass the time – she will just count. When she was quite young, her and her brother would sit in the back of the Station Wagon and see how high they could count on long drives.
If Little O ever complains that he’s bored on some car trip in the future, surely the Parakeet will suggest counting. “You can’t be bored, you haven’t seen how high you can count yet…”

In college, as she got obsessive about running and working out, she would count. There was a small track in the gym at school.  It took 16 laps to make a mile. She would repeat “one, one, one” in time with her steps until she got to the second lap, “two, two, two” and on and on and on. For three miles at a time.  How boring!

So, when a baby came into her life just three and a half weeks ago, so did many more numbers.  Babies only eat, sleep, and poo. Everyone is quick to remind you of that.  But no one is happy to leave it at that.  Oh no…babies don’t JUST eat, sleep, and poo. They should be wetting SIX diapers a day. soiling ONE diaper every TWO days, sleeping SIXTEEN TO TWENTY hours a day, but not more than FOUR at at time, feeding TEN TO TWELVE times a day for FIFTEEN minutes on each breast.  Microsoft could create software to track this stuff. Seriously.

Instead, the Parakeet has focused on the sleep. Why is Little O only sleeping twelve hours a day? She must not be doing something right.  Surely these twelve daily feedings can fit into less time, right? Rocking, bathing, and stimulating his “play and tummy time” can all fit into those eight left-over hours as well, right? Wrong. Little O has slept 14 hrs a day at the most. The Parakeet has been writing in a little notebook to keep track.  She is, after all, a counter.

So, when the Huz came home from work and saw her sitting in the dark nursery with Little O curled up on her chest rocking away…he asked, “What are you doing?”

“Counting,” She had to reply honestly, “If I can get to 200 rocks, I’ll know he’s asleep and then I’ll put him down, 136, 137, 138….”

Nothing says insane like rocking and counting in the corner of a dark room.