Hippie Family Time

The Keet and the Huz knew they wanted to baptize their new baby, bring him into the family – formally. Bring him into God’s family – formally.  The Parakeet daydreamed of a beautiful outdoor baptism, her child in white – her father presiding over the event.  Maybe she would sing the Dixie Chicks lullaby and someone would play guitar. There would be a luncheon afterward and everyone would sit at the picnic table.  The sponsors would read their favorite bible verses. She would have prepared food and presented it in a way that impressed them all.  Friends in attendance would be wowed by her quick adaptation to motherhood and her family would be impressed by her hosting abilities.  Her inter-denominational ceremony would be used by future nieces and nephews because it was so creative and inspired.

Then – she actually had a baby.  After nearly 40 hours in the hospital and five days of technically being “in labor” – by C section.

She left the hospital looking at least five months pregnant.  Her maternity clothes were tight. She was on Vicodin.  She was, like every new mom, completely sleep-deprived. BUT the plans were made. The baptism would be on August 31st. Family would be arriving from as far as Florida and Texas.

Enter the Parakeet’s mother to save the day. Keep it simple, she advises. They have just family in attendance and the godparents. Her mother brings the perfect outfit for “Little O”. She creates a simple menu with Ham sandwiches and potato salad.  She prepares the food ahead of time. The Keet’s father speaks a simple service straight from the heart and explains to the new Godparents their duties.

That morning the ceremony really was perfect.  Even though the Keet felt bloated and tired, her baby looked beautiful.  The Huz looked smashing.  Family was supportive, laid back, and loving.  Even one neighbor came by to join in the festivities.

O was welcomed into God’s family with so much love on a beautiful Summer day. He slept peacefully through the whole thing and his mother did her best not to sob. 



4 responses to “Hippie Family Time

  1. Aw, what a beautiful family! Congrats to little O – and to you both.

  2. I’m all choked up.

  3. Sara sara sara! you are the best blogger I know. You are SO funny. I love your posts–they always make me relate and make me smile. It looked like a beautiful day. Soon, soon everything will be much easier and much harder. 🙂

  4. It does look like a beautiful day!

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