He’s Growing…

Tomorrow Little O will be four weeks old. Holy Cow. He already looks different from those first days in the hospital…


Two and a half weeks old, a little nap after nursing.

Almost Three Weeks, what a hipster…this is for Mimi and Aunt Megan. The Parakeet realized after she got this onesie on that it was backwards, so it was changed with the next diaper. You can’t pull things over this baby’s head more than once while getting dressed. That would just be cruel.

And there he is on Monday evening, almost four weeks…What a guy!


7 responses to “He’s Growing…

  1. Oh man! SO precious! At first I thought he was looking just like john, but in these photos I can definitely see his mommie in there. I just wanna squeeze him!

  2. We just got your baby announcement in the mail today! He’s such a cutie!

  3. It’s amazing how quickly he has changed. I think I may need to come over and hold him again before he gets too big!

  4. he is so beautiful (and i mean that in the most manly way possible). i can’t wait for wesley to meet him!

  5. aww.

  6. Sue "The Mother-in-Law"

    I love the leggings! He is changing so much. I think I will send your site to Richard. He has been asking for pictures. He can eat his heart out over how much cuter O is than his grandkids. I only say that to get him going. He will be sure to leave a comment…

  7. This boy will be a great Republican. And he is a fine looking boy too. Congratulations to both Sarah and John. Keep the pics posted. RH

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