Like His Mother

Within two weeks or so of life, Little O’s right eye seemed to be full of gook – most of the time.  The Parakeet immediately thought he had some kind of infection and they had let too many people hold him without washing their hands. Surely it was some sort of parenting mistake they should have been smart enough to avoid.

The Dr, however, let them know that Little O had blocked tear ducts; Common in newborns and usually takes care of itself between two and four months. In the meantime, just wash his eyes with a warm washcloth. 

Well, this poor baby is constantly oozing from the eyeball and even Mom is starting to say, “Disgusting”. 

Little O can’t get his right eye open after naps until the washcloth does it’s job.  This is how he is like his mother. Her allergies were often so bad as a child and teenager that she would rub and rub and rub her eyes before sleeping, only to wake up and be unable to open them. They had crusted shut.  By fifteen, she was able to stumble herself to the bathroom and wipe her own eyes, but surely as a kid she just had to call, “Mom!”

This isn’t the characteristic she was hoping to pass on to her first-born.  Congratulations, son – you got Mama’s Crusty Eyes.


3 responses to “Like His Mother

  1. Aw, poor wee man. I feel his eye pain 🙂

  2. …. and here’s hoping that’s the least of the attributes that he inherits from you… if he’s lucky!

  3. A poem about crusty eyes.

    It will go away!
    Malcolm had that, too.
    You said what we used to say:

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