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Civic Duty

The Parakeet and the Huz have had MSNBC on a lot these days. It’s partly because the Huz is home a bit more right now, waiting on some work.¬† It’s also because one of their Netflix spots is taken up by the Keet’s workout DVD ūüôā

But mostly- it is because the Nation’s economy is in shambles¬†AND it’s affecting these two AND it’s only eleven days from a very important election.
They realized last weekend that their voter cards had old addresses on them, therefore they wouldn’t be able to vote on November 4th. Pretty upsetting. But after doing a little online research¬†and walking¬†to the library and talking to a nice research librarian, they¬†found out there was a grace period until Tuesday where they could update their address and vote at the same time.

So, on Tuesday afternoon, they put Little O in the Snugli (bjorn-ish pack) and walked to the el to go downtown. That’s right – Little O got his first el ride — and for such a good reason!

They went to the county court building and stood in a Loooooong line.¬† At the front of this line, which did admittedly move quickly, they changed their addresses.¬† Then they got in the back of an even¬†longer line to vote.¬† This line was insane.¬† There was some pushing and some snaking around corners and some very close ‘touches’.¬† It was sort of exciting, though, to be downtown in a major city – with all different kinds of people who were taking time out of their day to vote.¬† Actually, it was sort of overwhelming to think about for too long. People in this line were of all different races, ages, some did not speak English — but in this country –all their votes count the same! Kind of a “proud to be an American” moment, really.¬†

Sidenote: When the Parakeet was in first grade and her classroom was one quarter of the auditorium because of over-crowding, the Principal played the “proud to be an american” song after the Pledge of Allegiance. Every Day.¬† And every day each little first grader stood up when the song said “Stand Up, next to you…”

Anyway, in the second Looooong line, a woman noticed the Huz with a hot and stirring baby strapped to his chest and moved them to the front of the line.  The Keet and Huz went to their separate voting machines Рelectronic this time, the Parakeet had never used one of those.  They took their receipts and headed back for the el ride home.  They felt good, voting, and giving the tiny one a quick lesson in civic duty. Why not go as a family?



Wow, kiddos. If you are long-time readers, you know that the Parakeet can get a bit compulsive about exercise.  And you might also know that during pregnancy she gave exercise the old NO.

At first, that was Dr. advised, and then she was tired, and then it was hard enough walking to the bathroom …so no exercise for the Keet for about 11 months, now.¬† Aside from walking.¬† Walking is great. But it doesn’t get the heart rate up or build arm muscles, so the Parakeet was ready to hop on the work-out train again.

She pushed a DVD to the top of her queue recommended by a friend¬†– it’s good ol’ Jillian from The Biggest Loser – and, people, this workout is INTENSE.

The¬†Parakeet did¬†Level 1 yesterday.¬† She will do it again today and, hopefully, six days a week. It only takes about 20 minutes. BUT it is a VERY serious twenty minutes.¬†Maybe in a couple weeks, she’ll move on to level 2. Woah, baby.¬†¬†¬†

Somewhere she knew working out again would be tough, but she kind of forgot it would hurt.

Loving that Cuddly Cub Blanket

It almost makes you look forward to winter.  ALMOST.

It’s so hard to find good help these days


The Huz brought Little O into the office and said, “Ok, he’s got a clean diaper”


months that is.¬† Little O is two months today. And to celebrate – he slept a solid six and a half ¬†hours last night.¬† Good Idea, Little O!¬† Gooood Idea…..

Thanks for Visiting, Uncle B


Bet you can’t guess whose brother Uncle B is?¬† Seriously. Woah.¬† Anyway, they had a great visit – short, but great.¬† Little O behaved for the most part.¬† Although, he did have his evening nap on the Huz to avoid the – let’s rock him every fifteen minutes- phenomenon that can occur when he’s put in his crib.¬† They ordered a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, drank some beer, and watched the third debate – complete with PBS commentary afterward. A lovely Wednesday fall evening in Chicago.¬† Thanks for stopping by, Uncle B!¬†So glad you had to present to a church in Norridge.


Well, the Keet and the Huz made it another year. But really, was there ever a doubt? Monday was their anniversary. Little O’s Godmother, B, came over to watch him while they went out.¬† It was a low-key, simple night. They walked a few blocks to a delicious sushi restaurant. The Parakeet was very excited to have sushi after nearly a year.¬† So GOOD! This place had an all-you-can eat menu (as long as you ate it all) so they ordered roll after roll, and are not embarassed to admit that the deep-fried Miami roll was their favorite.¬† They were both getting over colds so they didn’t even add alcohol to the fun, but it was a very sweet night. They exchanged cards and both agreed that year six’s highlight was little O. They also agreed that much too much of year six was spent pregnant.¬† The good comes with the bad ūüôā
They talked a little about year 7, but it’s hard to know what to expect. They are hoping to get another National Park in, though, since the last visit was in 2006.¬† Hmmmm….where to go next?

Oh yeah, and they are still SUPER in LOVE.