To sing To sleep

As we know, the Parakeet loves to sing.  When she is in a good mood, she will be singing.  To herself. Around the House. It’s actually a pretty good barometer really of how she is feeling. How much singing is there?

When she was pregnant, she still managed to sing sometimes – even though lots of pregnancy left her more than a bit cranky.  Throughout the last month, she sang a certain lullaby-type song most nights, hoping her little baby would listen in and fall asleep.  She hoped somehow he would know that “Godspeed” was his song. 

Little O is here now and he takes his time falling asleep.  The Parakeet was so glad to discover that music, humming, and singing calm him down.  Daily, sometimes even more, she wraps him in a blanket, picks him up, and walks circles through the apartment singing to him softly.  These times get very long, often reaching thirty minutes, before he’s asleep.  But she enjoys it -because he does.  He relaxes, and he lays his head down, and he nuzzles in her neck, and eventually, she feels his weight change against her chest.  His arms hang limp at her side and his breathing slows.  He sleeps.  She sings and he sleeps. 

Some day he won’t want to hear her sing. He’ll ask her to stop. She will be embarassing. So, for now, she is soaking up these moments; the moments where she can sing “My love will fly to you each night on Angel’s Wings. . .Sweet Dreams” and her baby boy will let his eyelids flutter shut and slumber.


3 responses to “To sing To sleep

  1. Ok I love that song and I am getting all weepy here at work reading this! Well done!

  2. You’ve got it, girl. This is the perspective. And I’m willing to bet that even when he does ask you to stop, he won’t really want you to.

  3. Oh man, there you go making me cry at my computer again. What a lovely post.

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