Fall Forward

While pregnant, the Parakeet kept saying how happy she was to be having her baby in August. Wouldn’t it be so nice that they could take walks together, sit in the backyard, enjoy the beautiful weather? She wouldn’t have to bundle him up. She wouldn’t have to worry about battling those winter blues in combo with post-partum blues.
Well, here it is October already. The Mercury took a dip in the Windy City this week, for sure.  The Keet wishes she had spent more time out with Little O, but these first six weeks have come and gone.  She has walked through the park a few times and made many trips to the CVS wearing the baby, but still it feels like she missed something. Maybe next year…

The radiators haven’t kicked on yet in the Russell’s apt and so baby has been COLD.  They are keeping a hat and booties on him at all times, and since he refuses to put his little arms under the covers at night – socks on his ever-shaking fists. Hilarious.

Today he spent most of the day in an adorable striped outfit with an Elephant holding a circus peanut on the front.  His hands were covered in co-ordinating blue and white striped socks.  By late evening, the Huz kept saying the baby stunk.  The Keet was guessing spit-up. You know, the lovely aroma of baby puke.  But as they investigated, they found it was his hands. His little hands smelled terrible.  But of course – put your hands in socks for a day and see how you smell.

Update: The radiators are now on.  Tomorrow they will buy the baby a humidifier. 

Go Cubs!!

Stinky Hands!!


3 responses to “Fall Forward

  1. put your hands in socks for a day and see how you smell – Bwahahahaha!

    He’s so LONG already! What a big boy 🙂

  2. He is too cute.

  3. oh my gosh–so so cute. what a handsome little guy. Love the bottom pic and the discovery of the smelly hands. 😉

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