Oh yes, she did. OR thinking of Katie

The Parakeet can tell she is feeling better (you know since the whole labor/surgery thing) because she wants to get out of the house more.  Last weekend, especially, was beautiful outside and she was ready to enjoy it, compared to a few weeks ago, where she was perfectly content to sit with the baby and the TV.
She has incrementally been re-joining the “world” as it were, the world where people actually see you. Yesterday she decided it was time to shop. No more falling-down maternity pants.  She waited for the baby to fall asleep and was hoping to score big at Old Navy – let’s keep it cheap, kids.

Little O grunted and squeaked all the way through the 20 minute drive, and by the time they arrived, he was awake.  The Parakeet decided to give it a try anyway – and put his seat in the Snap n Go and took him in.  He did OK. She had to keep the stroller moving and talk lots of baby talk, but he didn’t erupt.

It must have sounded hilarious outside her dressing room, “You’re Ok, buddy. Mom’s right here. She doesn’t like this shirt. Do you like this shirt?  Not these pants, Little O…oh No. No, I don’t like them either….You’re doing great. Good Job!”
She checked out when he seemed on the verge.  They loaded up and it all seemed just fine. Then they pulled onto Ashland Ave. O began to fuss. Then, he began to cry. Then, he began to wail. As in RED face, EYES squinched tight, MOUTH open wide WAILING.
Sounds the Parakeet had only heard from this baby once or twice.  She reached back and stroked his cheek with one hand. He didn’t care.  For a while the screaming only came at stop lights, but as far north as Belmont it had no bounds. Unable to bear the noise any longer and for fear of her own anxiety while driving, the Keet pulled over.

She threw on her flashers and got the baby out of the carseat. She thought if she held him a bit, he would settle. Not this Wednesday. Oh NO….she held his little body and bounced and walked around the car. He continued to wail.  A woman walking her dog gave a judgemental stare. The Parakeet just shrugged, a bit worried and embarassed. What was wrong with this baby? 

It wasn’t ideal, but she knew what might help – she got into the backseat and lifted her shirt.  She gave Little O the breast and while at first he screamed to hard to latch on, he quickly figured out that he could be fed.  She breastfed in the back of her car on a residential street of Chicago. People and Children even walked by on the sidewalk many times during that ten minutes.  She didn’t care too much because the baby was quiet.  By the time he pulled himself off, he smiled at his mom. He cooed.  She couldn’t believe his extremes in such a short time.  She buckled him back in and drove home uneventfully – even pulling through Wendy’s to reward herself with french fries.  THAT little outing was Capital S-STRESSFUL.


2 responses to “Oh yes, she did. OR thinking of Katie

  1. oh how i remember. and eleanor would just sweat–she looked like she had just played a tennis match in 90 degree weather. She cried the entire way to Kenosha one time and Katie and I just tried to keep talking. 🙂

  2. I have spent many hours breastfeeding in both the Old Navy dressing room and the Target Food Avenue, in a booth in the corner. Also in the parking lot. One time I breastfed while walking through the SFCC Zoo. That was with the 2nd. kid. I probably could not have managed that with the first.

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