Hallelujah #1

For a few brief days, it might have only been two, the Huz was waking up for the 5 or 6 AM feeding and giving Little O a bottle. After that – Little O revolted, screamed, fussed, and did not want the bottle. The Huz gave up. He did not have the patience.  The babysitter also started to have trouble. The bottle was becoming a problem. 
With a fear of NEVER EVER being able to leave the baby not even for a minute, the Parakeet decided she would solve this problem. She would teach this infant one way or another how to take a bottle.
Last Friday morning, she decided she would not breast feed until he took the bottle.  Well, he screamed and fussed and even went down for a nap without eating.  Oh jeez. Is it really true that kids won’t let themselves starve? She worried.  When he woke up, she tried again, but Little O just rooted and rooted – no bottle.  She read everyone’s tips for getting a “bottle-resistant” baby to give in.  She moved him to the carseat.  He finally drank the whole thing.  Not saying he enjoyed it or it went real easy, but he finished it.

The Huz was somewhat encouraged.  Then, on Saturday the Parakeet bought new nipples for the bottle. It seemed Little O was choking and slobbering. The milk was just coming too fast.

On Sunday, the Huz sat in the chair with LIttle O …and LITTLE O DRANK THE BOTTLE!   HE drank it all up.  Success has varied each day since then (and they are trying to ensure he has one bottle a day), but he does know how to do it.  He just reminds them that he doesn’t have to like it.


Hallelujah #2 will be the day he takes a pacifier.


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