Back in Biz

One of the more surprising overwhelming things about becoming a mother to the Parakeet is the sheer constancy of it all.  Being a Mother, it turns out, is a non-stop, 24 hr a day responsibility.  There is no break. Even as she crawls into bed, the Parakeet makes sure the monitor is on. She makes sure the back door is locked.  She checks to make sure she knows where the nursing pillow is and mentally guesstimates when she will be waking again. 

Before she was a Mom, the Parakeet was working three jobs, essentially.  The 24-hr ness of worrying about caring for her child left her wondering if she’d be able to insert all, if not any, of these jobs back into her life.
She works for the Options Traders – as we have discussed, which is going just fine. Occassionally she takes phone calls at home while Little O is fussy and has to type emails with just one hand (very frustrating for the girl who types 60+ WPM), but they are managing.

She was also acting.  She has secured a job understudying for next Spring that she is excited about, and has an audition for a winter show this weekend, so theater, too – is making its way back into her life.  While she doesn’t feel as connected to the theater community as she did a year ago this time, she is happy that things seem to be continuing – not all theaters/ directors have seen the baby as a big ” I don’t want to work” sign. Surely by winter, she will be ready to get out in the evenings for rehearsals.

Her third job is the business she owns with Arbonne.  It turns out the Parakeet is really enjoying this one.  She gets to talk to people at parties about products she really likes.  She calls friends and family and their friends and family and chats with them about who they can buy gifts for and how to get discounts. It is fitting in quite well with ‘baby-at-home’ life.  And maybe, most importantly, Arbonne is becoming lucrative.  The Parakeet is starting to see real results from her efforts.  This is extra rewarding and helpful to the family while the Huz is also piecing income together. (Anybody need something built?)  She is happy to contribute with something that is so fun to do! So, if you’d like to hear more about her business, hop on over to her website, which is linked on the right of the page. 

All of a sudden, seeing all of this in writing, the Parakeet feels a lot less guilty about the fact that the bathroom isn’t clean.  But she’d like to promise Brother B that it will be spic ‘n span by Wednesday.


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