Hallelujah #3

It was promised that Hallelujah #2 would be when Little O took a pacifier – don’t have picture proof of that yet, so, moving on to… Hallelujah #3:

He likes his bouncer seat.  Why praises for this? Well, when Little O has been described as a real cuddler, a real snuggler, this has been a euphemism. A euphemism for – he can’t be put down.  He must be held at all times and usually while you are standing and usually while you are standing and walking. So while he is awake, please be standing and rocking and walking.  Exhausting just thinking about, huh?  So in his eighth week of life, Little O has come to the realization that being set down for a few minutes is OK, and hey, he’ll even take those few minutes in the bouncy seat staring up at his toys.  The Huz and Parakeet were able to eat and watch tv the other night while he stared up at the ceiling of his bouncy seat FOR FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES!!

Hallelujah, Indeed!!


3 responses to “Hallelujah #3

  1. YAY little O! Yay mommie and daddie!
    PS – The “that’s how I roll” shirt is my favorite!

  2. sara…he’s too adorable. how jealous am i that ben is there and i am not

  3. Thanks for keeping pictures up for us to see how fast O is growing! Glad you both got to go out on Monday night. Happy 6th. lovesue

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