It’s so hard to find good help these days


The Huz brought Little O into the office and said, “Ok, he’s got a clean diaper”


4 responses to “It’s so hard to find good help these days

  1. hey there (this is ben and megan’s friend melissa from gainesville), i just noticed little o’s head covering is a bumgenius diaper. yay for cloth! i really enjoy reading your blog (linked from aly kee’s blog). so much of what you write about motherhood is exactly what i’ve experienced also (“snuggly” baby [my term is “relational”], stinky hands, hallelujahs, stressful outings with a relational and hungry (and in my case gassy and refluxing) baby, etc) anyhoo, just wanted to give a shout out for cloth diapering. love it!

  2. So cute. John’s face looks really thin in this pic -so either Owen is very slimming or John’s doing your workout videos too:)

  3. sounds like we’re “mama” twins, melissa. hang in there. we like the cloth diapering so far, also. i’ll give bum genius a two thumbs up review. and the laundry really isn’t so bad. it’s getting habitual. let’s talk when we hit solid foods, huh?

  4. Yeah girl – is John losing the weight? He looks so slim!

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