They Were Warned

The Parakeet has discovered a natural inclination to protect Little O.  When he was very tiny and they began talking their first walks outside in the snugli or Moby, she was always worried if he was covered and warm.  She put her hands over his ears when a siren went by, and she felt strangely nervous walking by the softball field when people were practicing. It had never happened before, but surely this would be the day a ball would come flying at her head and the two of them would crash in a heap.
So, it is really sad when the new parent has to walk their baby right into pain: the vaccinations.  The Huz and Keet, after doing formal and informal research and talking to their doctor, decided to give Little O all his vaccinations.  There was just one in the hospital after his birth.  The next time he would face the needle was last Friday – his two month check-up.

A friend of the Keet’s, who is an experienced nanny, warned her to not go alone. “Bring someone”, she advised, “It’s really hard”.  So when the Huz did not have work lined up on the 24th – they went together.  Little O lay on the table just smiling up at his parents.

Then, the nurse came in with a cold antiseptic wipe on his thigh. He fussed.  The Parakeet kept a finger in Little O’s balled up fist and the Huz tickled his chest, repeating “Hey little guy, you’re OK”.  The Nurse then brought out Needle #1. She was quick.
Little O’s face became red as a tomato.  He held his breath and his mouth was in a silent circle.  Then, as the areas around his nose and lips turned white – he screamed! and screamed! In such a rhythmic, painful way.  The Nurse brought out Needle #2 and #3.  She was quick – all three probably took one minute, but it was a painful minute for the whole family.  The Parakeet wiped away a tear and the Huz picked up Little O.  He looked at his dad and dropped his lower lip.  It quivered.  He whined and his chest heaved.  His cries were so pitiful.  The Huz got choked up.

The Parakeet nursed him a little before they left and he fell asleep on the way home.  Mom and Dad were so rattled they took themselves to brunch while Little O slept next to their table in the stroller. 

The whole thing will happen again at the four month visit.  Yikes. 

Side note: Little O weighed in at a not-so-little 12lbs 14oz.


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