Friday Fiasco

The week before last really kicked The Parakeet’s tail feathers.  She went in to the office a few more times than usual. She had a few parties for Arbonne and the Huz worked a few ten hour days – so she was on serious baby duty. The baby also (probably because of the Keet’s stress) decided not to sleep a couple of those nights, so by Friday – The Parakeet was ready to exhale.
It was Halloween.
The Keet and Huz were going to the wedding of two dear friends. They had been looking forward to the night since before O was born.  The Parakeet found a dress that would ‘do’ at Marshalls just a few days prior and the Huz swore his suit was clean and ready to go.  It took him a few minutes to remember that it was in the front hall closet, but that was a minor slow-down. 
A couple friends of the Keet were coming over to watch Little O. They were planning on making Apple Cider and enjoying their own Halloween.  Well, at one o’clock that afternoon, the friend booked a commercial – for that day! Congrats to Her. Oops for Little O.  The Parakeet got on the phone quick and his Godmother, B agreed to come over right after work.  She pedaled herself over and changed clothes.  They handed off the baby and got in the car. 
Oh, yes, and they were giving two others a ride to the wedding.
The wedding was 50 miles outside of the city.
It was a Friday afternoon.
They left at ten till Five.
Do you see where this is going?
At six ten, the car was just 9 miles from the wedding (thank you, Google Maps) and the wedding would start in twenty minutes. It seemed perfect.
There was the smell of fire.  Smoke was all around and traffic stopped.  They crawled and made it one mile in the next twenty minutes.  Lots of people were stuck in traffic. The wedding was going to start a tad late, surely.
Not this tad – at this rate they would make the wedding in three and a half hours. Hmm…
They had no choice but to wait. The Huz drove in silence. The other three talked quietly about old college friends and other mindless chatter. Surely they weren’t missing the wedding!
Well, at about 6:55, they passed an over-turned semi that looked as if it had been scorched. A serious accident. 
They pulled into the parking lot of the wedding at 7:15 and wound up in the receiving line. The reception was beautiful and they enjoyed themselves – they hugged the bride and groom and did their best to shake off the more than two hour drive.
But the next morning, the Keet and Huz both said they couldn’t help feeling disappointed. They wanted to see these two get married.
They got O out of his crib and he gave them a little reminder:



One response to “Friday Fiasco

  1. Love. it! His face is perfect for the situation.

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