Frugal – De- Boogle – De – Doo

It’s no secret that times are tough right now.  The economy is in the metaphorical toilet and everyone’s afraid of getting flushed down with it. How’s that for imagery?
The Keet and Huz are feeling the effects just like everyone else, so that made it extra exciting when two things this week got taken care of….for free.
Their Home phone was on the fritz, as in it would ring, but you could never answer it. It would record messages, but you couldn’t talk to anyone. Ever.
The Parakeet is working from home, so this became extra annoying (especially when she went over her cell minutes as a result).  So, time for a new phone.   She went to BEST Buy because she had $30 in reward points (remember the fancy camera they bought this summer), figuring the phone would be at least $30 cheaper. Then, she remembered she had an old store credit of nearly $20 in her wallet….the phone was FREE! And it looks super high tech and is working nicely.

The Vibe has also needed some attention lately.  Atttention of the oil-changing variety.  Well, the Auto place called the other day to check on how her fan belt was doing (wasn’t that nice) and mentioned she had a free oil change coming her way. Done. Check. The Keet and Little O got the oil changed last Friday.

So…not often can you cross anything off the to-do list without spending money, but this week – check plus…two times.


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