Some things the Parakeet and Huz have been into lately.  What are you loving these days?

-Dirty, Sexy, Money on ABC
-the Slow-Cooker – wow that is the best way to cook when you have a baby – seriously.
-MSNBC – a little Chris Mathews, a little Countdown with Keith
-the COSTCO card (actually they are just considering this one still, but did enjoy a recent trip with a friend)
-TV Trays – it’s been a really long time since they ate at the table. Just the two of them, anyway…
-Solitaire (the Huz prefers Free Cell and the Keet prefers Spider)
-thick socks
-text messaging
-COFFEE, just black, just at home, just real good.
-Nutella on Trader Joe’s whole grain pretzels
-You Tube. You can find anything there.


2 responses to “November

  1. -we are into the farmer’s market (read deep-economy it will mess with your mind)
    -i’ll see your texting and raise you one: just registered with skype to try and see jakes for thanksgiving
    -gator football is pretty exciting right now
    -and all the thanksgiving faves (including but not limited to fried okra and fudge pie)

  2. oh, farmer’s market – that’s a good one.

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