Is She Nuts?

Cynical? Perhaps.  The Parakeet has tended to believe that people, for the most part, do not change. Herself included.  Try as she might for some spiritual maturity or general self-improvement, she usually remains the same indecisive, emotional girl who half-finishes projects and insists on a silver lining while beginning yet another exercise plan. 
HOWEVER, being at home with a baby has brought a few of her habits into some harsh light. Light that shows the dust on the furniture, if you are catching this drift.  The messy house is driving her right down to CRAZY town.  Seriously.  She has never been a neat freak – in fact she tends to leave clutter.  She’ll draw the line at food – food mess always cleaned up, but clothes, for example, are quite often on the floor.  It seems, though, that nearing thirty years old – she may try to change these habits. Once and for all. Grandma would be proud – she said the Parakeet always had a pile of clean, unfolded clothes. Oh well, they used to talk on the phone while the bird did dishes.  That should count for something.
All of this is to say that coupling the need for clean with her recent near-obsession with the queen of daytime tv, the Parakeet has signed up for “Oprah’s Clean Up Your Messy House” challenge.  Seriously. She printed out a pledge and signed it. The house will be clutter-free by May. This is the real deal; one-thing-at-a-time; monthly assignments.  The Pledge is hanging in her home office – a constant reminder of her commitment.  During November she is trying to throw a bag of junk away each night.  So far so good. She has gone through two large stacks of paper in the office and her shoes.  She is also trying to make the bed each day. Tuesday, it did not happen until 4:00. But it is now made. And it looks nice. If you care to join the Parakeet in ridding your house of clutter, just go to and look for the “Clean Up Your Messy House” pledge or Peter Walsh.  Yikes – let’s hope she doesn’t regret this one.

On an unrelated note (or is it?) the Parakeet sent the “Shred” DVD back to Netflix. Who was she kidding?


One response to “Is She Nuts?

  1. I’m so excited to hear of this pledge! We have a serious clutter problem, and I could use a way to manage it – thanks!

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