Side Effects

There are some side effects of Motherhood.  The Parakeet spends most her day narrating, “Hey O, let’s get your jacket on. Okay, one sleeve, two sleeves. Good job.”  After he is dressed, “Ok, just wait here while Mom puts on her jacket. We’re gonna take a walk, does that sound fun, O? Want to take a walk in the stroller?”
And on and on and on.
Until Saturday afternoon when the Parakeet was digging through her purse looking for the scrap of paper she scribbled a grocery list on earlier,  “Now where did Mommy put that grocery list, O? Where is it?” As she moved aside a chapstick and a few pens, she realized Baby O was asleep. He was napping. In the Nursery. She was alone. Talking to herself. Yeesh.


3 responses to “Side Effects

  1. I’m afraid it only gets worse. Wait until you’re having entire conversations with yourself. On the plus side, I’ve found that I’m a good talker and a good listener. Talk about yikes.

  2. Hi Sara,

    I’m Erin Knight’s sister and she directed me to your website which is so cute:) When Noah was about the same age I found myself gently rocking the shopping cart at Trader Joe’s back and forth – no baby inside the cart – I was shopping alone! It’s the sleep deprivation:)

  3. I still rock the empty shopping cart. My youngest is 15 months!

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