Whose House is this Anyway?

Most of you will remember that when the Keet married the Huz – he came with a dog. ‘Lord Perciful’ to be specific.  They actually picked him up in Texas, three months after the wedding and drove his little terrier self all the way to Chicago.
His antics have amused them continually.  He is still scared by his own farts, but that is another story.
People keep asking them, “How is Percy doing with the baby?”
Well….Percy is the Huz’ dog.  He is loyal to the Huz in a very stereotypical dog kind of way.  The Huz is the Master.  He follows Huz around the house, runs to the door when the Huz gets home, and jumps into the Huz’ lap as soon as he sits down.  He didn’t like the Keet for quite a while and they assumed he would also not like the baby.
Evidence of Percy’s Loyalty:


So, they prepared Percy in some ways. He was never allowed in the nursery and never allowed near any of the baby’s toys. He’s an obedient dog and this worked. He stopped at the door of the nursery even when it was just a room full of boxes and gifts. He now even walks around the stuffed animals lying on the living room floor.
The Huz’ affection, though, he will not give up.  The Huz was home from work nearly two weeks of November.  He was helping a lot with the baby.  Percy was getting a bit frustrated.  One morning, the Huz was changing Little O’s diaper in the nursery.  The Keet was in the bathroom.  She opened the door and walked out to see Percy taking a dump in front of the nursery.  That is correct. A poo. A solid, territory-claiming poo, not a too-sick-to-wait-till-i-go-out poo. 
It’s as if he had to say, “Fine. That baby may get one room, but when you cross that threshold, the rest is MINE!”


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